Hero Albanel

Hero Albanel

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Item number: HC.0091 Category
The Albanel package:
  • Extra support leg for front chassis mounting
  • Bicycle carrier, light (standard Traveller)
  • Cooling box compressor w. APP & Bluetooth
  • Spare wheel side chassis bracket (Traveller) 1 pcs
  • Spare wheel (Traveller) 1 pcs
  • Hero Camper kitchen tent

Hero Traveller designed and assembled in Denmark comes with a mix of sporty teardrop styling and a modern touch.

Height: 203 cm
Length: 482 cm
Width: 220 cm
Net weight: 780 kg
Total weight: 830-1,200 kg
Optional weight: 1,300 kg
Max. load: 120-420 kg
Optional max. load: 520 kg
Tires: 195/60 R15 road tires
Water tank: 30 litres
Roof window: Included
Memory foam mattress: Width: 156 cm / Length: 208 cm
Lockable: Yes
Heating: Optional
Charging: One USB charging port, 5V, charging from car (optional)
Electricity: 5V/12/230V, 5V USB charger inside cabin

Extra options include: Various heating, solar panel, bike carrier, universal sports gear carrier, battery package, awnings, bed side and storage

Weight 900 kg
Dimensions 482 × 220 × 203 cm

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