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Rent a Hero Camper and get a base to return to after a day with activities and adventures

Update May 30, 2022: Unfortunately we do not have more available Hero Campers for rent.

Rent a Hero Camper with a Hero Skybox

Rent a fully equipped Hero Camper (Hero Ranger) directly from our factory in Esbjerg, Denmark. The Hero Camper is a Columbus model, which among others is equipped with an electronic heater, Hero Skybox Galileo, ambient light, 100AH ​​battery and a baby bed. There are 4 adult sleeping accommodations. 2 inside the Hero Camper, 2 in the Hero Skybox and a bed side and storage which can be used as an extra bed for small child. The electronic heater uses power from either a house or a campsite, but remember that the Hero Camper is built to retain the heat. 12V connectors can be used off-grid as long as there is enough power on the battery. Power cables are also included to be able to connect the Hero Camper to a campsite.

Rental season

Week 18 – 39 (May 2 – Oct 30)


The price is only 106 EUR incl. VAT pr. Day.

Rental period

Minimum 2 nights

Lease Agreement and Rental Conditions

Delivery and return of the Hero Camper takes place at #HeroCamper at the address Lammefjordsvej 5, 6715 Esbjerg N, Denmark – see the rental agreement and rental conditions below. Book today to secure a Hero Camper. 

Contact sales@herocamper.com for available dates, booking or questions.

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