Hero Ranger

Go wherever you want, whenever you want. The Hero Ranger provides the perfect base to return to

Model shown with options

Model shown with options

Hero Camper Ranger

The revolutionary Hero Camper provides the setting for your next adventure. You set the destination, duration and pace. The result – a perfect outdoor living experience with comfort.

The insulated cabin is fitted with a full-size mattress, shelves, drawers, ambient LED-lighting and much more. In the back– a fully equipped kitchen with mounted sink, fresh water tank and versatile cooking facilities.

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Standard Equipment In Hero Camper Ranger

  • 80A AGM powerpack
  • 10A CTEK charger
  • 140W flexible solar panel with Epever MPPT charger APP controllable
  • 110V/12V electrical system
  • 1500W/110V air conditioner unit
  • LED lighting in cabin and kitchen
  • Gas box with option of dry storage
  • Stainless steel kitchen with integrated built-in sink
  • Black coated cabinets in kitchen and cabin
  • Side mounted spare wheel
  • Off road bracket for axel protection
  • Thule awning, 8ft
  • Integrated 8 gallons water tank
  • WiFi/Bluetooth soundbar
  • Integrated rain cover
  • Memory foam mattress
  • Fabric and leather entire decoration inside the cabin
  • Fully integrated LED positioning/driving lighting
  • Sky mount roof rack system

Insulated Cabin​

The Hero Camper has a fully insulated cabin. The unique Thermo Proove sandwich-design makes you stay warm and cozy down to -21° C / -5.8° F.
Options include: Thermostat controlled electric heater (230V) and diesel heater.

Kitchen Facilities​

The Hero Camper provides useful kitchen facilities. A fully equipped kitchen with mounted sink, fresh water tank and versatile cooking facilities.
Options include: 12/230 V cooling box, Lithium power packs and Isabella kitchen tent.

Sky Mount

Led Lighting​

Choose Between 4 Colors*

*Ask your local Hero dealer for avaible colors

Hero Camper Brochure

Extra Options & Technical Specifications

Hero Ranger designed and assembled in Denmark comes with a rugged design, heavy duty tires and bags of attitude.

Extra options include: Various heating , solar panel, bike carrier, battery package, decorative foil (custom design), awnings (Thule), bed side and storage.


Height: 7’7″
Length: 15.9′
Width: 7’7″
Net weight: 2,129 lbs
Total weight: 2,129 lbs
Max. load: 2,976 lbs
Tires: 265/65 R17 off-road tires
Integrated water tank: 8 gallons
Roof window: Included

Memory foam mattress: Width: 5’1″ Length: 6’9″

Lockable: Yes
Heating: Optional
Charging: One USB charging port, 5V, charging from car (optional)
Electricity: 110V/12V
Roof rack: Yes, Sky Mount Width: 4’5″ Length: 6’9″
Allowed load on roof rack:
Static (when camping): 1,102 lbs
Dynamic (when driving): 440 lbs

Put A Crown On Your Vehicle Or Hero Ranger

Hero Skybox - The Kepler

Hero Skybox offers generous space for two adults and provides optimal comfort

Hero Skybox - The Galileo

Hero Skybox keeps you sheltered and dry thanks to the hard shell and waterproof outer shell

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