2,000 kilometres in snow and biting frost – Danish actor on a Christmas adventure

Published: December 09, 2022

The Danish actor Gordon Kennedy packed his Hero Camper and invited his girlfriend on a very special Christmas adventure – 2,000 kilometres up through Sweden, from Copenhagen to Rovaniemi in Lapland, to visit Santa Claus.

Snow, biting frost, limited daylight and nearly 2,000 kilometres of highway through Sweden’s deep forests may not sound like the most optimal conditions for a small, outdoor Christmas adventure.

But for the Danish actor and outdoor enthusiast, Gordon Kennedy, that was exactly the kind of micro adventure he was seeking after a busy theater tour around Denmark.

In the last days of November 2022, when the rest of Europe lid up the Christmas decorations and gathered around to sit together in front of the TV to watch the World Cup in football, Gordon Kennedy and his girlfriend packed the Hero Camper with a pair of thick sleeping bags, some winter clothing and winter boots to prepare their 2,000 kilometres journey from their home in Copenhagen to Rovaniemi in Lapland to visit the place that most Finnish people describe as Santa’s hometown.

– We have for quite a while talked about going on an adventure in Sweden outside of the season, where the Swedish ‘everyman’s right’ provides the opportunity to get away from the crowds and seek adventures close to nature. That was exactly the adventure we needed after a busy period, Gordon Kennedy says.

A warm cave

Having planned the journey in advance, the couple had estimated that the trip with the Hero Camper would take about 7-10 days. They had not made a lot of plans from home and wanted to go with the flow.

– First and foremost, it was important to get going and be together, to talk, play cards and enjoy the silence and the nature – and at the same time test the Hero Camper under more extreme conditions, he says.

And the Hero Camper was certainly tested.

– We had days where it was freezing cold outside with -12 degrees Celsius. Then it is bound to be chilly when cooking outside. But inside, the camper is a small cozy cave that handles such a Christmas outdoor experience without any issues, Gordon Kennedy says.

Advent calendar

In order to follow the actor’s trip to Lapland, please follow HeroCamper’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Gordon Kennedy, who also runs a small production company, has produced five small films for HeroCamper’s social media channels which serve as a small advent calendar.

– I hope the five episodes can serve as inspiration for others to seek the more unconventional outdoor experiences. The winter months should not hold people back from getting out there, as long as you pack some proper equipment, Gordon Kennedy says.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5


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