Hero Skybox

Hero Skybox is the Perfect Rooftop Tent

Hero Skyboxes are perfect for camping vacations, weekend trips and base camps for fishing, hunting or any other outdoor activities. Hero Skybox is a rooftop tent that provides extra sleeping facilities for family and friends, festival accommodations or for family visits. Hero Skyboxes set a new standard for solid and comfortable rooftop-mounted sleeping facilities.

Hero Skybox Galileo

Hero Skybox Galileo offers great space for two persons, an easy-closing gas spring system, durable fiberglass shell and a robust construction. With a Hero Skybox, you always have the ideal base camp for fishing, hunting, hiking, biking or any other outdoor activity at close hands.

The rooftop tent can also be used as extra sleeping facilities, for when you are on the move, visiting family and friends, or you just want to sleep comfortably when you might be away at festivals.

What Makes a Hero Skybox Galileo Unique?

Features in a Hero Skybox Galileo

Hero Skybox sets a new standard for robust and comfortable roof-mounted sleeping facilities. You can choose to mount the roof tent on your Hero Camper or on your car.

  • Durable fiberglass shell
  • Aerodynamically designed to reduce drag and wind noise
  • Quick-release latches and security locks
  • Offers generous space for two adults
  • Self-opening gas springs system
  • All weather fabric, reflex pipings, elastic straps and Airtex awning
  • Removable telescopic aluminium ladder: 260 cm max length with one-button operation (loadable up to 150 kg)

Rooftop tent for all types of weather (materials)

The choice of materials in a Hero Skybox Galileo ensures that you are protected and dry – even in the heaviest rain thanks to the hard shell and the completely waterproof outer shell.

  • Durable fiberglass shell
  • Shell: Gel-coated fiberglass with a durable, strong and firm construction
  • Spring system: Self-opening gas springs
  • Tent: All-weather Airtex
  • Water column pressure: 3,000 mm
  • Zipper: OPTI
  • Bottom: Fiberglass
  • Mattress material: Memory foam
  • Colour canvas: Gray/red
  • Colour hard shell: Black

2 person rooftop tent (dimensions)

Hero Skybox Galileo is the obvious choice when you want to have two sleeping accommodation in a roof tent. The roof tent measures only 33.5 cm in height when merged.

  • Room for 2 persons
  • Height unfolded: 100 cm
  • Height folded: 33.5 cm
  • Height in cabin: 93 cm
  • Length: 211 cm
  • Width: 138 cm
  • Total weight: 63 kg (incl. ladder)
  • Max load: 300 kg
  • Mattress height: 6.5 cm
  • Mattress length: 211 cm
  • Mattress width: 138 cm
  • Ladder max length: 260 cm

With a Rooftop Tent for the Car, You Are Guaranteed Great Outdoor Experiences

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