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Published: March 1, 2023

As per March 2023, HeroCamper enters partnership with the French booking platform HomeCamper. This offers new Hero Camper owners the possibility to discover another way of camping and experience unforgettable adventures by camping in secure and private campsites that match their needs and budgets.

You may have seen photos of a Hero Camper in a desolate campsite far away from everything. By a desolate forest lake. On a marshland-covered dune with a view of the sea or by a dusty wheel track high up on a mountain. This is the true element for the Hero Camper. But how does one find these small, desolate places that have not been discovered by other tourists?

In several Nordic countries the answer is easy – as the so-called “public right” allows everybody to camp in desolate places. Elsewhere in Europe though, it is a bit more complicated, as it requires an agreement with the lot owner to camp your Hero Camper.

Camping on private land

This is the reason why HeroCamper has entered partnership with the French online company HomeCamper, Europe’s leading marketplace for camping on private land. More than 58,000 landowners across Europe are offering a piece of their land for campers to set up camp for a fee.

“A lot of Hero Camper owners are looking for nature experiences out of the ordinary outside the most common tourist routes. Generally, it is difficult to find the optimal places to camp. HomeCamper offers the possibility for our clients to find the small places that suits their needs and wallet. HomeCamper accommodates both the rudimentary country sites without any facilities as well as the more exclusive experiences in the backyard of a chateau”, explains Lasse Smidt, CEO of HeroCamper.

Different Nature Experiences

Launching this new partnership with HomeCamper as per March 2023, HeroCamper offers new Hero Camper Columbus owners five free nights (up to 35€ offered per night) at optional HomeCamper sites across Europe. This offer is to make new Hero Camper owners keep an open mind towards seeking alternative countryside experiences.

“With this initiative, we hope to get a lot of new Hero Camper owners to turn away from the main country roads and test the free Hero Camper life out there, where the Hero Camper is in its true element and where a lot of Hero Camper owners dream to be”, Lasse Smidt continues.

Online Booking platform

HomeCamper, the online booking leader for outdoor stays in private gardens, is excited to announce partnership with HeroCamper, an outdoor company known for its distinctive teardrop-shaped campers.

The French company HomeCamper is a startup that runs an online platform for collaborative campsites on private land. Travelers in vans, motorhomes or tents can use the platform to find unique accommodation in private gardens.  In 2018, HomeCamper acquired the platform “Campe dans mon Jardin” and “Gamping” later on in 2019. The company is dedicated to sustainable and responsible tourism, which promotes authenticity and sociability, and ensures a safe high-quality camping experience.

“When travelling with a Hero Camper, you may want to access certain facilities, such as showers toilets and WiFi, which may not always be available in the countryside. HomeCamper offers the best solution providing 40,000 campsites in France and across Europe”, explains Etienne de Galbert, CEO of HomeCamper.

Five unique HomeCamper Campsites

Please find below five unique HomeCamper sites that are great places to take your Hero Camper on the next adventure.

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