meet our Norwegian brand Ambassador: Sandra Tjørn

Published: August 24, 2023

Step into the world of adventure with our Norwegian brand ambassador, Sandra Tjørn. A woman who embraces the thrill of overland and off-road adventures like no other. Meet this fearless explorer who has found her passion in Hero Camper.

Allow me to introduce myself – Sandra Tjørn, a Norwegian woman with an insatiable thirst for adventure. Alongside being a proud aunt to my beloved little treasures, I am also fortunate enough to have found love in the arms of Ulv. As an officer in The Royal Norwegian Navy, I have learned discipline and determination that fuels my desire to explore every corner of this beautiful world.

I travel with Fenris a Land Cruiser 100 series from 1998 with Arctic Truck 35 set, Hero Camper TD01 2019, rooftop tent from James Barlou, and my boyfriend Ulv. 


Hiking, climbing, hunting, and fishing have always been a part of my adventurous spirit. But it was not until I met Ulv that I discovered the world of overlanding and off-road adventures. It opened up a whole new realm of exploration for me.

Since then, my passion for building, maintaining, and caring for our 4×4 car has grown exponentially. The sense of freedom and self-sufficiency that comes with overlanding is simply unparalleled.

We started going on small trips, I took my nephews out with the rooftop tent, Ulv took me to a Arctic Truck gathering. The final nail to the coffin was a Land Cruiser gathering here in Norway. I got to drive the car (Fenris) trough an off-road trail and really test it. After that, I was sold. 

Hero Camper All Year Round

We love to travel, explore and use the car and Hero Camper as our home away from home.

One of our favorite pastimes is enjoying a good bush TV show. There is something mesmerizing about gazing into the flames of a bonfire, letting our minds wander as the crackling fire provides both warmth and entertainment. It is a simple pleasure that brings us closer to nature and each other.

For us, camp life has become synonymous with adventure. We love immersing ourselves in nature’s beauty while enjoying the comforts provided by our Hero Camper. From cooking delicious meals outdoors to gazing into the mesmerizing flames of a bonfire – these simple joys make every trip unforgettable.

We have used our Hero Camper winter and summer. We love the welfare it brings to our camp life with the wonderful sleeping arrangement, and kitchen facilities. After installing the diesel heater, camping during late fall and winter is a dream. Warm bed is priceless. 

If you want to join Sandra Tjørn and her boyfriend Ulv on their her Hero Camper adventures, please follow her on Instagram @overlandadventurewithme.

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