The Hero Camper is a fantastic conversation starter

Published: January 18, 2023

The Hero Camper is not just a tool for people who seek outdoor experiences out of the ordinary. It can be a fantastic conversation starter for companies who participate in festivals or wish to creater pop-up events.

If you have seen a Hero Camper on the highway or on a parking lot, then you know what it does to you – it captures you.

Its unique design, solid exterior and general aura of coolness puts a smile on people’s face and takes them to a place of wonder.

The biotechnology company, Miltenyi Biotec, have experienced the effect of a Hero Camper firsthand, when they have been using a foiled Hero Camper to create some extra excitement for various pop-up events in Sweden and Denmark.

– We are a company that designs, develops, and produces products for biomedical research in cell- and gene therapy, and our customers are some of the leading scientists within stem cell research. We primarily use the camper to create an informal dialogue with the scientists about our applications, as well as to create attention at our live “cell sorting seminars”. Our customers have the opportunity to try out some of our equipment with guidance from our application specialist, says Thomas Mogensen, sales- and marketing director and country manager for the Nordic and the Baltic states.

– We typically make agreements with the universities that we are allowed to set up our Hero Camper on their parking lot, and then we prepare some food and coffee and let the word spread, that we are at the university, and people can drop by as they please. And this is where the Hero Camper is invaluable. It makes people curious and puts a smile on people’s faces, and then you quickly fall into conversation over a cup of coffee. People like the originality of driving around in a Hero Camper. It is something that makes people remember us – we have had many great conversations because of our camper, he adds.

Team cohesion

Thomas Mogensen also points out that the Hero Camper helps to bring the staff together and create bonds amongst the team.

– You should not underestimate the kind of positive energy and motivation that it creates for our whole team when we do something unconventional and different. A lot of pictures are taken, which creates a lot of attention after the pop-up events on LinkedIn and other social medias platforms, says Thomas Mogensen who have become so enthusiastic about the Miltenyi Biotecs Hero Camper that he purchased one for himself.

– I have lived in the US for many years, I see quite a lot of teardrop-campers. I really like that I can tow the small camper. It gives me an enormous amount of freedom, he says.

Own or rent?

Miltenyi Biotec are not the only company to use the Hero Camper for events. In recent years, several companies have discovered the opportunities created by a Hero Camper, says Lasse Smidt, CEO of HeroCamper.

– The Hero Camper is easy to transport and cheap to brand in the color of the company, and it has room for all the equipment that you need for an event, festival, or exhibition. It can even fit a couple of sleeping co-workers if you are at a festival or outdoor event, where there is no hotel in sight. The interest in using the Hero Camper as a way of branding the company have increased a lot, he says.

If you are interested in renting or purchasing a Hero Camper for your company, do not hesitate to contact us by phone +45 70 22 58 40 or

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