Hero Skybox

Hero Skybox is the Perfect Rooftop Tent

Hero Skyboxes are perfect for camping vacations, weekend trips and base camps for fishing, hunting or any other outdoor activities. Hero Skybox is a rooftop tent that provides extra sleeping facilities for family and friends, festival accommodations or for family visits. Hero Skyboxes set a new standard for solid and comfortable rooftop-mounted sleeping facilities.

Hero Skybox Galileo

Hero Skybox Galileo offers great space for two persons, an easy-closing gas spring system, durable fiberglass shell and a robust construction. With a Hero Skybox, you always have the ideal base camp for fishing, hunting, hiking, biking or any other outdoor activity at close hands.

The rooftop tent can also be used as extra sleeping facilities, for when you are on the move, visiting family and friends, or you just want to sleep comfortably when you might be away at festivals.

What Makes a Hero Skybox Galileo Unique?

Features in a Hero Skybox Galileo

Hero Skybox sets a new standard for robust and comfortable roof-mounted sleeping facilities. You can choose to mount the roof tent on your Hero Camper or on your car.

  • Durable fiberglass shell
  • Aerodynamically designed to reduce drag and wind noise
  • Quick-release latches and security locks
  • Offers generous space for two adults
  • Self-opening gas springs system
  • All weather fabric, reflex pipings, elastic straps and Airtex awning
  • Removable telescopic aluminium ladder: 260 cm max length with one-button operation (loadable up to 150 kg)

Rooftop tent for all types of weather (materials)

The choice of materials in a Hero Skybox Galileo ensures that you are protected and dry – even in the heaviest rain thanks to the hard shell and the completely waterproof outer shell.

  • Durable fiberglass shell
  • Shell: Gel-coated fiberglass with a durable, strong and firm construction
  • Spring system: Self-opening gas springs
  • Tent: All-weather Airtex
  • Water column pressure: 3,000 mm
  • Zipper: OPTI
  • Bottom: Fiberglass
  • Mattress material: Memory foam
  • Colour canvas: Gray/red
  • Colour hard shell: Black

2 person rooftop tent (dimensions)

Hero Skybox Galileo is the obvious choice when you want to have two sleeping accommodation in a roof tent. The roof tent measures only 33.5 cm in height when merged.

  • Room for 2 persons
  • Height unfolded: 100 cm
  • Height folded: 33.5 cm
  • Height in cabin: 93 cm
  • Length: 211 cm
  • Width: 138 cm
  • Total weight: 63 kg (incl. ladder)
  • Max load: 300 kg
  • Mattress height: 6.5 cm
  • Mattress length: 211 cm
  • Mattress width: 138 cm
  • Ladder max length: 260 cm

With a Rooftop Tent for the Car, You Are Guaranteed Great Outdoor Experiences

Peak XXL

The Peak XXL 4-person rooftop tent from Moby Mountain is the perfect rooftop tent if you are going on a trip in the Hero Camper and need extra sleeping accommodations. The rooftop tent has plenty of space and can accommodate 4 people. The tent is made of durable and breathable materials, which makes it perfect for an outdoor trip in the Nordic climate. Read more about the collaboration with Moby Mountain in our blog post here.

Notice: The rooftop tent from Moby Mountain can only be purchased together with a Hero Camper.

What Makes a Peak XXL Unique?

Features in a Peak XXL

  • Space for 4 people
  • Great space for 2 adults and 2 children
  • The rooftop tent has a skylight and windows at the sides, which gives good inflow of light and great ventilation
  • The tent is made of durable and breathable poly-cotton
  • Removable telescopic aluminum ladder: 230 cm max. length (can be loaded up to 150 kg)
  • Bracket for Skybox is not included and must be purchased separately
  • Incl. installation on a Hero Camper

Durable and breathable roftop tent (materials)

  • Shell: 5 mm ABS plastic
  • Tent: Poly-cotton, impregnation PU-coated
  • Cover: 420D Oxford polyester, impregnation PU-coated
  • Mosquito net: Tight mesh 900 holes per inch.
  • Water column pressure: 3,000 mm
  • Floor: Polished aluminum panel 23 mm insulating honeycomb panels
  • Mattress material: Comfort foam with high density
  • Color of tent cloth: Thunder Black (black)
  • Color of hard shell: Black

4 person rooftop tent (dimensions)

  • Height unfolded: 115 cm
  • Height folded: 26 cm
  • Length unfolded: 220 cm
  • Length folded: 200 cm
  • Width unfolded: 197 cm
  • Width folded: 120 cm
  • Total weight: 75 kg (incl. ladder)
  • load: 300 kg
  • Mattress height: 4 cm
  • Ladder max. length: 230 cm

What is a rooftop tent?

A Hero Skybox is a rooftop tent for the car that you mount on top of the car’s roof bars. The rooftop tent can be mounted on most cars, vans, trailers or directly on top of Hero Campers. It only takes a few minutes to set up or take down a rooftop tent, and you can take it with you anywhere you want. A rooftop tent for the car gives you the ultimate freedom if you like spending a night in nature or being on the move. It can be used for camping holidays, weekend trips and as a camp when you are hunting, fishing, or hiking – only your imagination sets the limits.

#HeroCamper has one rooftop tent for the car: Hero Skybox Galileo. The Galileo roof tent is a rooftop tent which has good sleeping space for 2 persons and weighs only 63 kg. So if you like waking up to the sound of birdsong and drinking your morning coffee while enjoying the view from your sleeping bag, then a Hero Skybox is the perfect solution for you.

Advantages of rooftop tent on car

Hard shell

#HeroCamper’s rooftop tents are hard shell tents. This means that the roof or top of the rooftop tent consists of a hard shell. The hard shell is made of light and durable materials for the purpose of making the rooftop tents incredibly robust and resistant regardless of the wind and the weather. The rooftop tents are waterproof, and both have a water column pressure of 3,000 mm, which makes them perfect for spontaneous outdoor adventurers in the Nordic climate.

Up in height

A rooftop tent for the car gives you a fantastic view when you are on the move. #HeroCamper’s Galileo rooftop tent has openings on all four sides of the rooftop tent, which gives a fantastic feeling of “a room with a view”. With a rooftop tent for the car, you also get away from the ground and up in height. This means that you do not have to worry about finding a flat place to camp, put tent pegs in the ground, getting unwanted visits from animals, being exposed to floods, and dealing with the cold ground.

Great comfort

A rooftop tent from #HeroCamper has soft built-in memory foam mattresses. Therefore, you are guaranteed a good night’s sleep – just like sleeping at home in your own bed, but with the night sky as the view. The cabins in both our rooftop tents are large and spacious, so you have plenty of room for your outdoor gear and a cozy place to sleep, regardless of whether you are traveling alone or with the family or friends.

Quick to set up

#HeroCamper’s rooftop tents take only a few minutes to set up and pack away thanks to the opening system with gas springs. Just park the car, loosen the buckles on the rooftop tent and give it a little push. Easy and quick.

Where to camp with a rooftop tent for car in Denmark?

In Denmark, the rules for spending the night in a rooftop tent for cars are more regulated than in the neighboring countries: Germany, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. This is because the population density – i.e., inhabitants per square kilometer – is higher in Denmark compared to our neighboring countries. Remember that it is your responsibility as the owner where you choose to spend the night and that #HeroCamper’s rules below are guiding. A rooftop tent for a car is considered a “camping unit”, and you must therefore be aware of the following when you want to spend the night in a rooftop tent on the car in Denmark:


In Denmark, you are welcome to spend the night at lay-bys, as long as it does not qualify as a camping stay. It is not permitted to spend the night in your rooftop tent at lay-bys in Denmark – unfortunately – but you are welcome to stay and sleep in your car overnight.

Primitive accommodations

There are approx. 500 primitive accommodations in Denmark, where you can spend the night in tents, shelters and the like. However, motor vehicles are not permitted on these sites, which is why you cannot camp there with a rooftop tent on the car.


You are welcome to spend the night with a rooftop tent for cars at all campsites in Denmark.

Berths and the like

As a rule of thumb, you may not sleep in rooftop tents for cars on spots other than campsites. However, it is up to the individual municipality to grant permission whether it is allowed legally to spend a night in a rooftop tent on a car outside campsites, e.g. at docks, marinas, hostels or other leisure facilities.

Agricultural properties

It is permitted to spend the night in a rooftop tent for the car on agricultural properties. However, the period must not exceed 6 weeks per year and the farmer must give you permission.

Private property

You are welcome to spend the night in a rooftop tent on private property if you have been given permission by the landowner.

Rooftop tent communities

One of the coolest things about owning a rooftop tent for the car is that you become part of a larger outdoor community. In fact, there are several groups on Facebook that share tips and tricks for owning a rooftop tent and, not least, places where you can set up your rooftop tent. Check e.g. the Facebook groups (in Danish) “For os der bruger tagtelt” (For us who use rooftop tents) and “Os med tagtelt” (Us with rooftop tents) which both have over 2,600 members.

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