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The HeroCamper is a proudly Danish design created for unique experiences

February 2024

The HeroCamper is a beautiful, Nordic design, good quality, robust, a secure base on the move for the adventures. It is unique and full of endless possibilities…

Kris Huangs Trip to Northwest China

September 2023

Kris Huang went out on a trip to Northwest China, after China finally lifted all Corona restrictions. Read his personal story about an incredible journey…

Meet our Norwegian Brand Ambassador: Sandra Tjørn

August 2023

Step into the world of adventure with our Norwegian brand ambassador, Sandra Tjørn. A woman who embraces the thrill of overland and off-road adventures like no other… 

Explore our Outdoor Products

Hero Skybox

Roof tent for car or camper, which gives you extra sleeping facilities

Hero Accessories

Customize your HeroCamper with accessories for your needs

Cooling & Heat

Cooling boxes, heaters and airconditionings for cold and hot days


Solar panels, converters, batteries and chargers for power supply

Robot Trolley

Helps maneuver your boat-, horse-, industrial trailer and camper

Meet some of our heroes

Meet some Heroes who are passionate about HeroCampers. Be inspired by how these HeroCamper owners, with their unique stories and experiences, invite you into their journeys, which highlight the freedom and quality time that comes with owning a HeroCamper.

HeroCamper is a company that is deeply rooted in the moors of West Jutland

About Herocamper

HeroCamper is a Danish outdoor company based in Esbjerg on the west coast of Jutland. It is a place where the sea and nature have shaped life for centuries. Where people work more than they talk, where agreements between people are sealed with a handshake and a brief nod, and where the sea fog and the raging of the west wind make very special demands on the outdoor products that have to provide protection for the people who use them. That’s the soul of HeroCamper, and it is reflected in the love we put into our products.

Out of the Ordinary…

The HeroCamper gives you what you need for an adventure. No more. No less. The HeroCamper is not a caravan. It’s a camper. Maybe a trailer. The industry calls it a teardrop camper, but we don’t get too hung up on that. For us, it’s just a HeroCamper – an outdoor product that allows you to turn your back on everyday life and go where you feel you are alive. Where the wind bites your cheeks and a freeze-dried pasta dish on the Trangia tastes like heaven.

The HeroCamper is built for adventure by people who love adventure. In all conditions

HeroCamper is built for year-round adventure. The camper has been tested in the most extreme conditions

Rock solid all year round

The HeroCamper is built from reinforced fibreglass panels, making it as resistant to wind, water and weather as a fibreglass sailboat. The fibreglass panels are also highly insulating, keeping down temperatures in hot conditions, while the camper can be kept warm for several days with very little energy. The HeroCamper has been tested in extreme conditions down to -21°C. In other words, you get a camper that can be used for more than just a trip to the lake in the summertime.

HeroCamper apps

HeroCamper has developed a number of apps to make your next outdoor adventure a little more convenient. These include an app to control the temperature in your HeroCamper, an app to adjust the lighting in your camper, and an app that allows you to control the temperature in an optional HeroCamper cooling box. All apps can be downloaded from your usual smartphone app store. But to give you a complete overview, we have also collected all the apps here.

HeroCamper has developed apps to make your next outdoor adventure a little more convenient

Skip the long manuals and find answers to most questions in HeroCamper’s how-to videos

FAQ & How-to videos

If you are anything like us, you cannot be bothered with reading long manuals. YouTube is your friend, and we try to continuously create content on the HeroCamper’s YouTube channel that answers many of the questions we regularly receive from our customers. The videos show you how to adjust the hinges or the locking pin of the tailgate, if the bottom panel and the tailgate are bent due to excessive cold or heat. If you don’t find what you need, do not hesitate to contact us.

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