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#HeroCamper Robot Trolley

Everyone knows the hassle of handling or maneuvering a trailer or camper. The Robot Trolley solves the problems that may arise when maneuvering and parking. Our Robot Trolley drives safely, easily and with great precision. The trolley can be used for all types of caravans and trailers. At #HeroCamper you will find Robot Trolleys that can move up to 4,500 kg. and they are always delivered ready for use. All you have to do is to attach the standard bracket to the chassis, charge the battery and then you are ready to park your camper or trailer – even in the narrowest places.

Reliable trailer mover – why use a mover?

A Robot Trolley fits most trailers and caravans

With a smart and alternative mover, practical handling and parking become much easier. The brackets that our Robot Trolley is equipped with fit most trailers and campers. Including boat trailers, horse trailers, industrial trailers, and caravans.

Works on many different surfaces

The Robot Trolley works easily on different terrain. Here, small differences in height are not a problem, while the mover easily maneuvers on soft surfaces such as grass, soil, gravel, and sand. On inclines greater than 10%, it may be necessary to assist the Robot Trolley with a little push.

Easy to maneuver

With a mover, you are always sure to have good assistance for difficult parking or difficult maneuvers. The Robot Trolley has a battery life of 30 minutes, which makes you independent and lets you move your trailer all by yourself.

Battery-powered and remote-controlled mover for campers and trailers

At #HeroCamper we sell a smart alternative mover for caravans and trailers that are powered by batteries and can easily be charged. When you buy a Robot Trolley from #HeroCamper, a remote control, charger, standard bracket, storage bag and a low tower are included. All this ensures that you are ready to move caravans and trailers of all sizes easily and conveniently. With the remote control, you can easily control the Robot Trolley and maneuver your trailer or caravan into even the narrowest places.

See how to pair the Robot Trolley and the remote control here.

When the remote control is paired with the robot mover, it is controlled using 4 arrows, which choose which way it should drive. We recommend that you practice without a trailer or caravan before you start maneuvering large and heavy trailers. If the remote control for the Robot Trolley gets lost or breaks, we at #HeroCamper also have remote controls that we sell separately, which easily can be paired with your current Robot Trolley.

Should you, against all expectations, need to change the battery on your Robot Trolley, we also have replaceable batteries for all Robot Trolley models, which can be delivered or sent. There is a small extra delivery fee if a battery is to be sent, because batteries are categorized as dangerous goods. At #HeroCamper in Esbjerg, our technicians are also happy to help service or repair a battery on your Robot Trolley if you need this.

Lots of options with bracket and towers

Although a Robot Trolley fits a large arsenal of trailers and caravans, it may be necessary to purchase an additional bracket or tower. At #HeroCamper, we have accessories for the Robot Trolley which can be purchased additionally, so the robot can fit all trailers and caravans. If you have to move a trailer where it is not possible to use our standard bracket, you can use a trailer ball bracket which can be mounted on a ball coupling 50 mm. Here it is important to ensure that there is enough friction between the Robot Trolley’s belt and the surface. When using the trailer ball bracket, we therefore recommend that you have a ball pressure of 300 kg, in order to ensure that the Robot Trolley functions optimally and is able to move the desired weight. We also have other types of brackets that fit other types of trailers. #HeroCamper also offers brackets for profile tubes, universal high lift bracket and a universal bracket that fits almost all types of trailers.

You can see how our universal lifting bracket is mounted here.

Take care of your Robot Trolley with a bag

If you buy a Robot Trolley (formerly called Camper Trolley) from #HeroCamper, you get a smart, practical, and cool storage bag for your new alternative mover. The bag can be used to store and move your new trolley in a safe and tangible way. The bag is made with an extra reinforced bottom and with strong nylon lifting straps. The black bag has a celluloid window and an inner pocket for the remote control, so you always know where your equipment is. Should your bag needed to be renewed or lost, fear not at #HeroCamper we also sell Camper Trolley bags individually.

Trolley models and the possibilities

The Robot Trolley models are specialized to be able to maneuver larger trailers and caravans, even in the tightest and narrowest places. The models have different capacities in relation to how much they can pull.

The smallest Robot Trolley is the 1500 model. This model can move up to 1,500 kg, where the 2500 model can tow 2,500 kg and the 2500RS model can tow the same capacity (2500 kg), but at a faster speed. The strongest of the four models is the 4500 model. This Robot Trolley model is the largest one in the range and can tow trailers and caravans up to a weight of 4,500 kg. At #HeroCamper, you therefore have the opportunity to find a small but incredibly strong and efficient alternatives to the classic movers for caravans and trailers, which fits exactly your needs. All the models are delivered ready to use, without installation costs and a standard bracket is included, which is easy to mount, and a remote control to control the robot with. Using a Robot Trolley ensures that minimal wear on the tires of your trailer or caravan. Moreover, you can also release a lot of the weight from your caravan by using a Robot Trolley, as you can store the trolley in your car’s boot while you are driving.

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