Lene travels all over Europe in the Hero Camper

Published: November 01, 2022

Lene drove to North Cape along the Atlantic Route as well as around the Baltic Sea in her Hero Camper: The Danish-designed camper is even available with a roof top tent: “This is outdoor living at its best”, she says about her best purchase ever.

Lene Egemose and her husband Christian are some of the first worldwide to have purchased a Hero Camper. The small teardrop camper is Danish design at its best.

Lene Egemose tells about our head over heels crush on the Hero Camper at the show Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf, Germany. With 18 halls equivalent to 52 football fields filled with the latest and coolest outdoor and camping equipment, it was the small, light, and highly maneuverable Hero Camper that Lene and her husband, Christian, fell in love with.

Soon after this, the couple was able to wheel their own Hero Camper into the garage at their home address in Central Jutland, Denmark. Prior to this, the exquisite memory-foam-mattress had to pass the “lying-down-test” though.

Best purchase ever

”The best thing about the camper is the freedom to be able to go anywhere at any time. You can get around everywhere – in the cities and in nature, where you get some of the best outdoor experiences. And, at night, you sleep like a baby in the camper”, tells Lene Egemose and reveals that even her 2 m tall husband finds sufficient room lengthwise. Lene continues:

”We use the camper to get outdoor, get fresh air and some nice outdoor experiences. We love being outside, and usually we find a nice small spot by a like or by the sea – enjoying the silence, the beautiful scenery and absorb all impressions you get from nature. We always bring our mountain bikes and sometimes kayaks, just like we love to hike. We are outdoor people and really want to be outside – and this is outdoor living at its best”, says Lene Egemose about the couple’s Hero Camper.

The Hero Camper is available in three versions: Columbus, Livingstone, and Amundsen, and it is no coincidence that all three are named after explorers. The Hero Camper has been designed for narrow and impassable roads, such as the ones Lene and Christian Egemose use to explore new and unknown destinations.

”If anyone, we have used our Hero Camper Ranger to the full. We may have decided on a destination, but we never plan how to get there. After studying the weather forecast, we sometimes decide on a Thursday to take the Hero Camper for a ride in the weekend”, says Lene Egemose.

Lene and Christian have been camping in a tent with the couple’s three girls for more than 20 years. But, since all the girls have moved away from home, the couple decided to try something new. It became too difficult for just the two of them to set up the tent, and, at the same time they wanted more comfort.

It had to be something else, which did not mean that tent was out of the question though. The Hero Camper comes with a lot of nice extra features, such as the two Hero Skybox rooftop tents, the Kepler, and the Galileo, which make room for even more adventurers.

”Although we do not take along our children anymore, you can easily take your children with you if you mount a rooftop tent. We might do so ourselves one day when we want to take our grandchildren for a trip”, says Lene Egemose, who has, among other things, mounted some extra fender boxes for storage on her and Christian’s Hero Camper.

A camper made for adventure:
36,700 km in 14 countries

The robust and resistant chassis of the Hero Camper is made of high-quality hot-galvanized steel. Further, the reinforced fiberglass panels or FRP-panels provide a comfortable base with an effective thermal effect, which has been needed by Lene and Christian Egemose.

Since purchasing their Hero Camper back in 2018, the couple has traveled nearly 35,700 km through 14 European countries. And it has not always gone smoothly. Lene and Christian often drive without any predetermined destination.

”We do not go camping but exploring. And you can see that our camper has been in use. It has been given some severe beating. It gets like this we you choose gravel roads and want to get out into nature, as we do, but the camper can manage this easily. The Hero Camper Ranger, like ours, as all-terrain off-road tires, which makes it possible to drive in otherwise impassable places”, continues Lene.

Previously, the couple has, among other things, been to North Cape, where they drove along the Atlantic Route. This year, the two adventurers choose to drive around the Baltic Sea.

” We drove so close to the coast that we could almost sit with one finger in the water during the whole trip. It was a trip of more than 6,000 km through Sweden, Finland, the Baltic countries, Poland, and Germany. It is crazy. It was a fantastic trip”, says Lene and concludes:

”A lot of people make plan of where they want to travel in their senior life. We will not wait for that. We choose to live this life now – go into the world and find all the beautiful places.”

This article was written by Outdoor-camping.dk

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