Meet our Danish brand ambassador: Casper Crump

Published: January 21, 2022

At Hero Camper, we are extremely proud to introduce our enthusiastic and creative ambassador, Danish actor and adventurer, Casper Crump.

Nationally, Casper has performed both in Danish theatres as well as movies and television, and, internationally, you may have seen him in the movie Legend of Tarzan.

For a number of years, Casper has been a very keen and committed user of his Hero Camper – on his own, with family and/or friends.

Casper is very passionate about getting out into nature – it is all about having unique Hero Camper experiences.

I.e., he has taken the Hero Camper for a hunt on the Danish Island, Bornholm, on countless family outings, to a football training with his son, into the Danish forests and, much, much more.

According to Casper, the Hero Camper offers endless features, i.e., a cool kitchen as well as Thermo-Prove isolation down to -21°C, which makes it possible for him to take it along in any kind of weather – all year around.

Casper’s passion for the Hero Camper is unmistakable.

It is unique.

With his insight and creativity, he manages to document and relate his experiences to fellow outdoor enthusiasts, who are just as crazy about outdoor experiences, travelling and family life, and, why life with a Hero Camper provides the absolute best outdoor experience.

This is why Casper Crump is the obvious choice as our Hero Camper ambassador.

”Casper Crump has a completely unique insight and passion for Hero Camper. He sees opportunities and creatives ideas – undoubtedly speaking into our vision. He has an eye for which exciting outdoor experiences – of different nature – are possible when owning a Hero Camper. For Hero Camper, it is a great benefit to have Casper on board”, says Lasse Smidt, CEO of Hero Camper, about the collaborations with Casper Crump.

Casper is also proud to be an ambassador for Hero Camper.

“When I returned to Denmark after living in India, I wanted to keep on experience new adventures. For me and my family, the Hero Camper is the absolutely perfect way of still experiencing the world and having amazing outdoor adventures. Being an ambassador for Hero Camper is a dream come true for me, and I do hope that you will follow the adventures we are going to experience together”, says Casper Crump.

If you want to join Casper Crump on his Hero Camper adventures, please find him on Instagram @cascrump.

For more adventures, please follow #HeroCamper on Instagram and/or on Facebook.

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