Headquarter Denmark

Lammefjordsvej 5, 6715 Esbjerg N, Denmark

Opening hours
Mon – Thur.: 2:30 am – 9.30 am EST
Fri: 2:30 am – 9.00 am EST
Weekends and holidays: Closed

Sales office US

6673 Corsair Avenue, Prescott AZ 86301, USA

Opening hours
By appointment only.

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If you have any questions regarding the Hero Campers, Hero Skyboxes, or need further information feel free to contact us. 

service Form

Experiencing an issue with one of our products? Try to check out the FAQ & how-to video guides that address frequently asked questions about the Hero Camper or Hero Skybox. Still struggling? Fill out the request form below.

Notice if the request form is filled in correctly, we strive to respond between 1-5 working days. If a product is to be inspected at our workshop, the processing time is up to 4 weeks after we have received the product.

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