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Hero Camper Ranger is a unique Danish designed teardrop trailer that sets new standards for teardrop trailers

The Danish designed Hero Camper Ranger is an incredibly rugged teardrop trailer. Hero Camper is the perfect place to start your next outdoor adventure. Designed with comfort and ease of use in mind, Hero Camper provides a cozy place to relax, packed with practical features, Danish design, and a flexible layout. The teardrop trailer lets you discover more destinations. Ideal for a quick getaway, a weekend of sports, going fishing, or hunting. Or, simply just enjoying a beautiful sunset on your outdoor travels.

Images of Hero Camper EU model with options

Hero Camper Ranger

The revolutionary Hero Camper is an incredibly robust teardrop trailer, which provides the setting for your next adventure. You set the destination, duration and pace. The result – a perfect outdoor living experience with comfort.

The insulated cabin is fitted with a high-quality memory foam-mattress, shelves, drawers, ambient LED-lighting and much more. In the back– a fully equipped kitchen with mounted sink, fresh water tank and versatile cooking facilities.


What Makes Hero Camper Ranger Unique?

Hero Camper comes with a rugged design, heavy duty tires and bags of attitude. It raises the standards of teardrop construction. The Hero Camper is 189 inches long, 90 inches wide, and has a height of 91 inches, and weighs 1,900 lbs which makes it towable for almost every car. The entire body, including the base panel, is made of 1.06” fiberglass reinforced panels (FRP panels). This makes the Hero Camper extremely highly insulated down to -5,8 F. with a structure that prevents moisture and mold infiltration. The design and engineering of the Hero Camper provide extreme comfort in rugged environments while offering the luxury of Danish minimalism.

The Hero Camper provides useful kitchen facilities. A fully equipped kitchen with special designed integrated sink, portable water tank and versatile cooking facilities. Moreover, the trailer comes with the convenient Sky Mount roof rack. The Sky Mount can carry 1,102 lbs static and 440 lbs dynamic load. Finally, another unique feature on the Hero Camper is the LED outdoor lights, LED illuminated kitchen facilities and useful LED mood-lighting in the cabin. Moreover, the fully patented #HeroCamper LED taillights is a real head-turner.

The minimalist cabin consists of a queen-size bed and spacious storage options, so you always have an insulated, cozy, and warm base to return to. Moreover, the air conditioner lets you enjoy a cold breeze when needed.

  • 1 long shelf and 2 spacious wall cabinets
  • 2 door windows with integrated mosquito nets and mini blackout pleated curtains
  • Skylight with integrated mosquito net and mini blackout pleated curtain
  • Storage nets in both doors
  • High-quality memory foam-mattress (59.06” x 81.10”)
  • Bluetooth soundbar
  • LED lights in cabin
  • Ambient light (RBG light)
  • CO2 smoke alarm in the ceiling

Images of Hero Camper EU model

The Hero Camper is designed and built to last for many years due to the choice of materials and the engineerical solutions. The #HeroCamper exterior sets new standards for iconic and modern teardrop trailers

  • Reinforced fiberglass panels (FRP) provides a high-efficient thermal effect
  • The chassis comes with hot-dip galvanized steel, torque suspenders, and mechanical surge brake
  • Support leg of high-strength steel on both sides and extra support leg at the front for more stability
  • Shock absorber bracket for axel protection
  • #HeroCamper desinged 17” aluminum rims with 265 / 65R17 off-road tires
  • #HeroCamper designed 17” aluminum bracket with mounted spare wheel

On top of the Hero Camper, you will find the Sky Mount which provides storage for your outdoor gear. As an additional option, you can double the sleeping capacity of the Hero Ranger with either the Hero Skybox Kepler or Hero Skybox Galileo rooftop tents.

  • Roof rack of matt black powder-coated aluminum able to carry 1,102 lbs static and 440 lbs dynamic
  • Side-mounted ladder for easy access to roof rack
  • Fenders with a step in matt black powder-coated aluminum flattened that can carry up to 661 lbs. for easy acces to roof rack
  • Storage box of matt black powder-coated aluminum of 15.19 gallons
  • High-quality awning from Thule 102.36”

Behind the hatch of the Hero Camper you will find a spacious integrated outdoor kitchen. The kitchen contains a specially designed integrated sink in the tabletop, freshwater tank, great table space and storage options.

  • Modern minimalist stylish integrated kitchen
  • Full-width brushed stainless steel tabletop
  • Freshwater tank of 8 gallons
  • Special designed integrated sink and fixture
  • 5 black coated aluminum drawers with stainless softclose rails
  • Stainless steel rail for additional storage options
  • LED lights in kitchen

The Hero Camper has LED outdoor lights, dimmable LED lighting in the cabin, and a complete inverter package. In addition, the Hero Camper has fully patented #HeroCamper LED taillights which are a real eye-catcher.

  • 6 easily accessible sockets of 110V
  • 4 usb sockets of 5V
  • 2 cigarette sockets of 12V
  • LED outdoor lights
  • Patented #HeroCamper LED taillights
  • M-Lite Series: Lithium Battery 50AH
  • TBB charger 10AH
  • 140W flexible solar panel with Epever MPPT charger APP controllable
  • 700W air conditioning unit
  • External connector in storage box for easy connection of solar panels
  • External shore inlet connector on side 110V 30AH

Below the dimensions you will find our manuals which contain informations, tips and tricks to get the most out of your Hero Camper Ranger.

  • Height: 91.34”
  • Length: 189.76”
  • Width: 90.55”
  • Net weight: 1,823 lbs
  • Total weight: 1,984 – 2,645 lbs
  • Roof racket width: 53.15”
  • Roof racket length: 81.89”

6 Reasons to Buy a Hero Camper Ranger

#1 Hero Camper – the perfect getaway

#2 Light and easy to maneuver

#3 Impassable roads – not a problem

#4 A warm and cozy place to spend your nights

#5 Sleep just as well as in your own bed at home

#6 Cold drinks and a hot meal on the run

Choose Between 4 Colors*

*Ask your local Hero dealer for avaible colors

Explore the Hero Camper Ranger in 3D from Home via our App: Ranger AR

Explore the cool details of the Hero Camper Ranger in 3D on your mobile or ipad via our app Ranger AR. On the app you can see the Hero Camper from the inside and from the outside, open/close the side doors or the kitchen back door, switch the lights on/off, switch between 6 colors of the Hero Camper, ect.

Put a Crown on your Vehicle or Hero Camper

Hero Skybox - The Kepler

Hero Skybox offers generous space for two adults and provides optimal comfort

Hero Skybox - The Galileo

Hero Skybox keeps you sheltered and dry thanks to the hard shell and waterproof outer shell