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Hero Camper Walk-Through

Watch a cool and detailed walk-through of the rugged Hero Camper in Norway, Denmark or USA.

Walk-Through Norway

Video: @iamnordic

Walk-Through Denmark

Video: @cascrump

Walk-Through USA

Video: @Matt’s RV Reviews Towables

Hero Camper comes in 5 colours

The rugged Hero Camper is the perfect place to start your next outdoor adventure and comes in five different colours: Light grey, dark grey, blue, green, and the limited edition Hekla-Grey.

Hekla-Grey Edition

Video: @els_production

US Ranger Edition

Video: @els_production

Blue Edition

Video: @els_production

Light Grey Edition

Video: @els_production

Dark Grey Edition

Video: @els_production

Dark Grey Teaser

Video: @els_production

Hero Camper in New Zealand

Experience the Hero Camper in New Zealand and the beautiful surroundings.

Beach Time

Video: @mama_kowhai


Video: @mama_kowhai

At the Lake

Video: @mama_kowhai

Danish Brand Ambassador Casper Crump

The rugged Hero Camper is the perfect place to start your next outdoor adventure.

Camping in the winter

Video: @cascrump

Winter Atmosphere

Video: @cascrump

Into the Forest

Video: @cascrump

At the Beach

Video: @cascrump

Meet Casper Crump

Video: @mickfriisimages

Hero Skybox

Hero Skyboxes are perfect rooftop tents for camping vacations, weekend trips and base camps for fishing, hunting or any other outdoor activities.

Trip In Norway

Video: @mickfriisimages

Streetmekka Denmark

Video: @els_production

Hero Camper Apps

We have developed 2 mobile apps for our outdoor products that can accompany you on your next outdoor adventure. See how in the videos below.

Ranger AR

Ambient Light

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