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Freedom. The wilds. Nature. The adventure. The wildness. The scent of pine forest. The taste of sea water. The sun on your neck. That is where it is all happening. And that is where the Hero Camper is in its true element.

The Hero Camper gives you what you need for an adventure. No more. No less. The Hero Camper is not a caravan, so let us not call it that. It is a camper. Maybe a trailer. The industry calls it a teardrop camper, but we don’t get too hung up on that. To us, it is just a Hero Camper – an outdoor product that allows you to turn your back on everyday life and go where you feel you are alive. Where the wind bites your cheeks and a freeze-dried pasta dish on the Trangia tastes like heaven.

The Hero Camper can take you wherever you want to go. When the asphalt ends, the adventure begins. There are no limitations. The Hero Camper is built with inspiration from classic teardrop campers in the United States and Australia in the 1960s and in the same way as the fibreglass boats in the Port of Esbjerg. That means the Hero Camper can take a proper beating – at any time of the year, in any conditions. And just like a patinated Wegner sofa, it only gets cooler when it has its first punch marks and stone chips, which bear witness to your adventures. Our team of engineers have gone to great lengths to create something so incredibly durable, unique and classically stylish and accomplished in Danish design that even the most die-hard outdoor connoisseurs will get goosebumps from the level of detail.

And no. The Hero Camper does not have a toilet and shower. But do you really need that on the adventures you are about to embark on?

Hero camper med hvid hero skybox
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HeroCamper liberates you from everyday life by opening the door to real nature experiences

About Herocamper

HeroCamper is a Danish outdoor company based in Esbjerg on the west coast of Jutland – a place where the sea and nature have shaped life for centuries. It is a place where people work more than they talk. Where agreements between people are sealed with a handshake and a brief nod, and where the sea fog and the raging of the west wind make very special demands on the outdoor products that have to provide protection for the people who use them.

This is the mindset that has shaped HeroCamper since the company was founded. We are uncompromising when it comes to DESIGN, FUNCTIONALITY AND QUALITY. And when we go to work every day, we strive to develop and improve our products and solutions. It is our clear ambition to help dictate the future of the outdoor industry by constantly challenging, innovating and redefining what is possible. We want our products to be as rock solid as the sailing boats that sail out of the Port of Esbjerg – even when autumn has set in.

This was more or less the vision that was created when Danish designer Lars Kjærulff drew the first lines for the Hero Camper. At the time, the Hero Camper represented a paradigm shift in the outdoor industry, breaking with the prevailing tendency at the time for ever bigger motorhomes and caravans. With the Hero Camper, we wanted to get back to what outdoor life is all about – going into nature and living on nature’s terms at any time of the year. Without compromising on the quality of the camper.


From our workshop in Esbjerg, the Hero Camper is shipped all over the world. Today, there are more than 150 Hero Camper dealers in 20 countries, including Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. In Denmark, the Hero Camper and Hero Skybox are sold directly from the head office in Esbjerg.

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