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Below you will find our most frequently asked questions you need to know, so you can use your Hero Camper like a pro.

Hero Camper

Why is there water in my cabin?

First check the reason why there are leaks in the door on the Hero Camper. There may be sand, dirt or objects trapped such as a bed linen in the door seal. If the door gasket is worn, we recommend that you buy a new door gasket. See installation guide for how to install a new door gasket.

How to fix no electricity (CRS17 reset)

If you suddenly experience none of the electric components responding or working, please follow these 4 steps below.

1. Remove the 230v CEE-cable in front of the camper.

2. Remove the 3 multiplugs (Charge1 & Charge2 & BAT) from the CRS17 located behind the seat

3. Wait 5 min. for the system to reset.

4. Insert the 3 multiplugs again. If this does not work, we recommend 1 more try before contacting your dealer.

If you still experience issues, you might need to see our other guides:

  • How to fix charger not recharging the AUX battery when it is flat
  • How to fix the light panels although I have sufficient charge on my AUX battery

How to close the rear door

How to close the rear door of the Hero Camper, you need to follow these 4 steps: 

  1. Release the locking mechanism on the left gas strut to close the kitchen door. Make sure to hold the door with one hand while doing so.
  2. Now close the door so you hear one click. Note: The door is not locked completely.
  3. Give it a firm push horizontal, directly in “do not push down”. Push in. You will hear a second click, and the door is locked completely.
  4. Always lock the door with a key before moving the Hero Camper.

See how to close the rear door of the Hero Camper in the video below:

How to fix the rear door's hinges, if it does not open and close corretly

FRP bottom panel and backdoor can flex during cold/hot conditions. Backdoor pin needs adjustment. First you need to open the rear door full up before you start to mount off the gas springs. Be aware that when mounting off the gas spring you have the full weights of the rear door. Therefore you should find something you can lean the rear door on, for instance a ladder placed at the end of the rear dor where the lock is. 

Follow these steps if the backdoor pin needs adjustments:

  1. Before we can start to adjust the hinges you need to take of the gas springs on both sides.
  2. Open the rear door completly before removing the gas springs.
  3. Remove the small clip and be careful not to loose the clip.
  4. Hold the rear door completly up and you can pull it off.
  5. When you have mounted off both gas springs, you should be able to loosen the 4 bolts holding the hinges. You are now able to move the rear door up and down.
  6. Move the rear door to the right if you need the door to be move down and move it to the left if you need to move it up.
  7. When you have adjusted the rear doors tighten the bolts again.
  8. Put the clips back on the gas springs back again.

Notice: The rear door handle might also need to be adjusted.

See how to adjust the rear door hinges in the video below:

How to fix the rear door's locking pin, if it does not close and lock corretly

How to fix kitchen door when not closing and locking properly.

You can fix this by adding a spacer to raise the locking pin. Follow these steps: 

  1. Untighten the nut for the “lock-pin” bolt below the Hero Camper and remove the “lock-pin”. Tools needed: Wrenches size 16 mm and 13 mm.
  2. Then add a stainless spacer and refit the “lock-pin”

See how to fix the kitchen door not closing and locking properly  in the video below:

How to roll out the awning

When rolling out the awning it is important to take notice of the following:

  1. Only roll out the awning just enough to be able to get the support legs in place.
  2. Place the support legs on the ground before you roll out the entire awning. This will prevent unnecessary unbalanced weight distribution and prevent damage to your awning.
  3. Unfold the legs and place them on the ground. Then lock the hinges.
  4. We always recommend using pegs for the support legs. 
  5. Now roll out the awning a little more but make sure the legs are supporting all the way out to the desired length.

See how to roll out the awning in the video below:

Hero Skybox

How to open and close the Hero Skybox Kepler?

Follow these 8 steps to open the Hero Skybox Kepler:

  1. Open all 4 rachets (locations highlited in the red circles)
  2. Give the Skybox a light push
  3. Pull down the elastic cord and place it in the clamps on both sides
  4. Release the secure-strap for the ladder
  5. Pull out the ladder and the floor of the Skybox will automatic follow
  6. Open the clamps on each side and pull out the support rails
  7. Remember to close the clamps on each side
  8. Mount the support-rail to the frame and place the hook to the Skybox’ side panel

Follow these 11 steps to close the Hero Skybox Kepler:

  1. Open the windows on both sides
  2. Dismount the side panels
  3. Open the clamps in each side
  4. Push down the support rails each side
  5. Lift and push the ladder towards the Skybox
  6. Please ensure the ladder and support rails are fully closed
  7. Refit the elastic cord
  8. Pull down the Skybox cover
  9. Place the belt underneath the ladder for security
  10. Fit the belt inside the Skybox
  11. Remember to secure all 4 ratchet clamps and tighten them well

See how to open and close the Hero Skybox Kepler in the video below:

If you did not find the question you were looking for. Please contact your local Hero Camper dealer

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