6 Reasons to Buy a Hero Camper

Published: August 26, 2021

Unsure whether to buy a Hero Camper, whether it will fit your needs and requirements, the maneuverability of it, and not least, the comfort of it?

We have made decision-making easier for you by listing the 6 most important key features of the Hero Camper.

#1 Hero Camper – the Perfect Getaway

Hero Ranger with skybox

The Hero Camper is the perfect place to start your next outdoor adventure, as the Hero Camper provides you with anything you need.

Even though the Hero Camper is smaller than other traditional caravan trailers, it is still packed with a lot of facilities.

Due to its small size, it is ideal for a quick getaway, exploring nature and unknown places, or simply a spontaneous outdoor getaway.

#2 Light and Easy to Maneuver

Hero Camper Ranger

The Hero Camper is significantly lighter than other traditional caravan trailers.

In fact, a Hero Camper only weights about 1,819 lbs – making it towable for almost every vehicle, even electrical cars.

This means you do not need to own a large pickup truck to go exploring or camping.

In fact, any SUV or the family’s station car will most likely be more than enough to tow the Hero Camper.

Given the smaller size of the Hero Camper compared to other trailers, the Hero Camper is much easier to maneuver when stopping for gas, visiting heavily populated campsites, or parking in narrow locations.

#3 Impassable Roads – Not a Problem

Hero Camper Ranger

The Hero Camper comes with a Danish rugged design and heavy-duty tires to make any road passable.

Not being limited by tarmacked roads or close distances, the Hero Camper will allow you to explore unknown places or even stop for the night while driving through a forest.

The Hero Camper offers endless possibilities exploring new places.

You can also use the Hero Camper for spontaneous road trips across the country.

Indeed, you do not need to plan the routes or even plan where to spend the nights in advance.

You set the destination, duration, and pace.

#4 A Warm and Cozy Place to Spend Your Nights

Hero Camper Ranger Interior

During the day you can go fishing, hunting, cycling, or hiking and then get back to a warm and cozy place to spend the night.

When it starts to get dark and you are tired after a day with outdoor adventures, you do not need to worry about having to set up your camp site.

Further, LED lights both in the cabin and outside the trailer will allow you to easily use the Hero Camper at nightfall.

Bad weather is not an issue either, as the Hero Camper has a fully insulated cabin, which makes you stay warm and cozy at down to -21° C.

The Hero Camper is the perfect base camp for outdoor travels throughout the year.

#5 Sleep Just as Well as in Your Own Bed at Home

Hero Skybox the Galileo view

The Hero Camper features a queen-size bed with room for two adults, allowing you to immediately jump into bed after a day with outdoor activities.

Furthermore, you can also use the Hero Camper as accommodation, when attending for example a concert or festival far away from home.

Moreover, if you are thinking about going on a spontaneous outdoor travel with some friends and you need extra sleeping accommodation, the Hero Skybox – a rooftop tent – offers the possibility to accommodate two extra adults.

The Hero Skybox can be mounted on top of your Hero Camper or car – whatever suits you.

#6 Cold Drinks and a Hot Meal on the Run

Outdoor Kitchen in the Hero Camper Ranger

Finally, an outdoor adventure should include the possibility to prepare a hot meal and keep your beverages cool.

The Hero Camper provides a fully equipped kitchen with a mounted sink, freshwater tank, and versatile cooking facilities which provide you with enough storage space for both a gas burner and a cooling box.

We Give You; 6 Reasons to Buy the Hero Camper

If you are still unsure whether the Hero Camper is the right choice for you, let’s summarize the keywords of this article:

  • It is ideal for a quick getaway, or simply just a spontaneous outdoor travel
  • The Hero Camper is light and easy to tow and maneuver
  • You can explore unknown places despite impassable roads
  • At nightfall, you will have a warm and cozy place to spend the night
  • Comfortable sleeping accommodations for up to 4 persons
  • Outdoor kitchen facilities which will provide you with cold drinks and hot meals on the run

Do not wait another day to enjoy the best of outdoor living and comfort in your Hero Camper.

Start your next outdoor adventure in one of our Hero Campers.

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