Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find our most frequently asked questions you need to know, so you can use your Hero Camper like a pro.

Hero Camper FAQ

Charger & Battery

The Hero Camper 13-pin trailer plug is wired in accordance with ISO 11446. If you experience problem in relation to the wirring, please inspect the wiring diagram of the car.

For referrence, check ISO 11446 table below:

ISO 11446 Table

Contact No.



Left-turn light


Rear fog light


Common return for contacts 1, 2, and 4-8


Right-turn light


Right-hand rear, position, marker lights, and licens plate lights


Break lights


Left-hand rear position lights, maker lights, and licens plate lights


Reversing lights


Constant power supply (+12 V)


Power supply controlled by ignition switch (+12 V)


Return for contact no. 10


Reserved for future allocation


Return for contact no. 9

Sometimes the battery may be completely flat after some time. Therefore you will need to boost the battery by a charger.

Follow these 7 steps to boost the battery:

  1. Connect 230v to assure power and LED1 is now turning green
  2. Press and hold main button for 5 seconds to enter working mode
  3. Press main button again to enter charger mode and Led5 is now turning green/on
  4. When LED1 stops flashing, you are now in power supply mode
  5. Leave it on for 30 seconds and then the battery is jump started (do not let the battery stay in power supply mode for more than 30 seconds as it is not good for the battery).
  6. Press and hold main button for 5 seconds to turn charger back into charging mode
  7. Press main button again and when LED1 stops flashing the battery has been charged

Front panel of battery charger BS1210






Blue = battery type | Green = charging stages |Flashing = faulty










LED of charging


LED of battery type


Main button

See how to boost the battery with a charger in the video below:


Light remote WMSP4 has been reset.

If you want to delete a remote you hold in the “Fridge” button for 5 seconds until it starts flashing. All the remotes are now deleted and they do not work.

To fix the lights in the cabbin follow these 4 steps:

  1. Press and hold the middle button “Night Mode” for 5 seconds until it flashes. This action will enter pairing mode.
  2. Now, press any button of the WMSP4 and the mainboard will flash. The corresponding output will be active, meaning the pairing was successful.
  3. It will quit from parring mode automatically 5 seconds after pairing is finished.
  4. Remember you will have to do this on both remotes. Repeat step 1 to 3 to pair next WMSP4 with CRS17 (up to 5pcs WMSP4 can be paired with one CRS17).

See how to fix the lights altough you have sufficent charge on your AUX battery in the video below:


FRP bottom panel and backdoor can flex during cold/hot conditions. Backdoor pin needs adjustment.

First you need to open the rear door full up before you start to mount off the gas springs. Be aware that when mounting off the gas spring you have the full weights of the rear door. Therefore you should find something you can lean the rear door on, for instance a ladder placed at the end of the rear dor where the lock is.

Follow these 8 steps if the backdoor pin needs adjustments:

  1. Before we can start to adjust the hinges you need to take of the gas springs on both sides.
  2. Open the rear door completly before removing the gas springs.
  3. Remove the small clip and be careful not to loose the clip.
  4. Hold the rear door completly up and you can pull it off.
  5. When you have mounted off both gas springs, you should be able to loosen the 4 bolts holding the hinges. You are now able to move the rear door up and down.
  6. Move the rear door to the right if you need the door to be move down and move it to the left if you need to move it up.
  7. When you have adjusted the rear doors tighten the bolts again.
  8. Put the clips back on the gas springs back again.

Notice: The rear door handle might also need to be adjusted (video about how to adjust rear door handle is on its way)

See how to adjust the rear door hinges in the video below:

Quickfix to prevent door seals from leaking. Issue solved by lower the tension in the sealings corners.

Follow these 3 steps to prevent door seals from leaing:

  1. Remove the sealing from the corners at the bottom. Remove it to the middle of the door (only do one corner at the time).
  2. Release the tension by supplying more sealing to the corner.
  3. This should remove any gabs there may have been in the corners.

Notice: Only do one corner at the time.

See how to to prevent door seals from leaing in the video below:

Hero Skybox FAQ

Hero Skybox Kepler

Follow these 8 steps to open the Hero Skybox Kepler:

  1. Open all 4 rachets (locations highlited in the red circles)
  2. Give the Skybox a light push
  3. Pull down the elastic cord and place it in the clamps on both sides
  4. Release the secure-strap for the ladder
  5. Pull out the ladder and the floor of the Skybox will automatic follow
  6. Open the clamps on each side and pull out the support rails
  7. Remember to close the clamps on each side
  8. Mount the support-rail to the frame and place the hook to the Skybox’ side panel

Follow these 11 steps to close the Hero Skybox Kepler:

  1. Open the windows on both sides
  2. Dismount the side panels
  3. Open the clamps in each side
  4. Push down the support rails each side
  5. Lift and push the ladder towards the Skybox
  6. Please ensure the ladder and support rails are fully closed
  7. Refit the elastic cord
  8. Pull down the Skybox cover
  9. Place the belt underneath the ladder for security
  10. Fit the belt inside the Skybox
  11. Remember to secure all 4 ratchet clamps and tighten them well

See how to open and close the Hero Skybox Kepler in the video below:

Cooling & Heat FAQ

Airconditioning (K2000 & K2400)

K2000 and K2400 – no power or no response from the remote. This Issue may refer to the fuse.

Notice: Always disconnect the power before opening the airconditioning.

To fix the no power or no response from the remote follow these 8 steps:

  1. Remove the 12 pcs. M3 umbraco bolts located around the top cover
  2. Remove the cover
  3. Locate the control box
  4. Remove the PH screw and disconnect the wire
  5. Remove the 4 pcs. PH screws (2 on each side)
  6. Remove the 2 last PH screws from the top cover of the control box
  7. Locate the cover for the fuser and open the top cover from the side
  8. Check if it is pushed down and not lose. It can also be defect and replace it and make sure it is pushed all the way down (the fuse is a F5AL250V 5*20mm)

See how to fit the no power or no response from the remote in the images below:

Water Problems

Door is not pushing sufficiently against gasket in door frame.

Take off rain cover when rear door is closed and fold it.

Robot Trolley FAQ

Pairing Remote

To pair the remote to the Robot Trolley, you need to follow these 4 steps:

  • Turn on the Robot Trolley and the remote.
  • Press and hold the on/off button on the Robot Trolley.
  • Then press and hold the right turn button on the remote.
  • When both the Robot Trolley and the remote stop blinking, you have successfully paired the Robot Trolley with the remote.

See how to pair a Robot Trolley and its remote in the video below:

If you did not find the question you were looking for. Please contact your local Hero Camper distributor