Happiness is Finding the Little Everyday Adventures Somewhere Else

Published: March 23, 2022

The German guy could not resist laughing, as I, as the last one in our family, climbed out of our Hero Camper.

“This I’ve got to see. How many of you fits in there?” he asks.

We are located nearby the Rhine one very cold morning in November, and I have just helped my three children getting out to my husband, as we are about to leave the site.

The German guy seems to have forgotten all about social distance and looks inside our Hero Camper.

He wants to hear all about, how we are getting along in a Hero Camper – two adults, one four-year-old and twin babies.

We are on our way to France and Spain – looking for the sun and prolonging the warm glow or early autumn. We might not have been, had the year gone differently.

Going into my maternity leave, I had no other plans for 2021 than to take care of our twins coming into the world. Almost in the same second they were born, life took a turn.

My mother-in-law was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer, which had spread, and the doctors could not offer any treatment. We moved to Northern Jutland to stay close to her. We got the twins baptized in a hurry, and in early October we said goodbye.

It is surreal having to relate to the infancy of life, while another life has come to an end. Maybe that’s why the year has matured some ideas, which have been simmering in our pot of dreams.

The Hero Camper was one of them. 

After some consideration, we purchased it. The reason why we chose the Hero Camper is the fact that we are not camping people, more like outdoor people – or even outdoor people with a huge desire to travel.

The possibility to be able to drive somewhere without having to pack awnings and lots of luggage – but having the opportunity to move on the next day – is quite appealing to us.

We say goodbye to the German guy and continue our travel. The trip to France and Spain turns out to be everything we have ever dreamt of.

Do we conflict? Yes.

Are the still a lot of diapers that need changing? Certainly.

Do we generously scatter pacifiers all around Europe? Definitely.

But – at the same time, we as family sense a calmness that we did not experience for the last half-year – driving back and forth between Funen and Northern Jutland being there for our grandmother.

Greedy, we drink white wine of real glasses, because my husband chose to bring these along. We eat breakfast and dinner inside the camper, and it requires the assistance of an adult to keep distance between the twins and the four-year-old, but most days we enjoy eating croissants or homemade meatballs prepared in the small kitchen – talking about the possibilities of the days to come.

Being a family with children, we seek experiences in the small things. Finding glimpses of everyday happiness elsewhere is our adventure.

We go hiking in the mountains north of Grenoble, and we find an amazing playground, where our boy blows off some steam, while the adults enjoy the view of the mountains, and the twins take a nap. We locate public swimming pools, as we get along, as it is important for us that the children enjoy the trip as well. We feed the ducks. We decide to give it a try and visit a museum in Spain, which turns out so well that we visit another museum later.

Tip: When travelling with small children, use your money on well-selected museums – what you can achieve in an hour. This is adult luxury in our travel life.

Throughout our journey, our little Hero-capsule remains a sanctuary, a familiar place that allows us to move along without creating any stress for the children.

A place which is easy to move, roll out the awning and calm down for a while, but, close to near adventures.

Our first trip in the Hero Camper turns out a great success. The children love to be on tour in the Hero Camper.

This year, 2022, we plan to go to West Jutland, Northern Germany, and Central Sweden.

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