Kris Huang’s trip to Northwest China

Published: September 22, 2023

Kris Huang went out on a trip to Northwest China, after China finally lifted all Corona restrictions. Read his personal story about an incredible journey with his close friends and the Hero Camper.

After three years of the epidemic, China has finally lifted all restrictions and no longer require extensive accounting tests or certifications. Everyone has been unable to contain their eagerness to travel further, seeking out a free environment that will help them relieve their stress and anxiety.

I was delighted to join my friend’s team when I heard of their plan to use the May Day holiday for a travel photography adventure to Northwest China. Our original itinerary featured Alxa Right Banner in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang’s Hexi Corridor, and cities like Hami, Balikun, Qitai, Mulei, Fukang, Urumqi, KekeTohai, Hemu village, Kanas, Karamay and Sailimu Lake. Unfortunately, one of us had an urgent issue back home that required us to cut our journey short. Even so, this journey remains the most stunning and treasured experience I’ve ever had.

Taking Camping to the Next Level: The Hero Camper and Must-Have Supplies

After fitting an overhead water tank and removing the rooftop tent from the Hero Camper, we provided it with a barbecue grill and some must-have camping supplies. Then, to make sure we had everything necessary for our journey, we decided on a combination of magnetic cookers, DOD outdoor water cans, power supplies, backpacks, tables and chairs, flashlights, and walkie-talkies. Now that all is prepared, it’s time to go!

Unforgettable Experiences at the Alxa Heroes Meeting

Following a 2,000 km voyage in the Hero Camper, we arrived at Alxa Right Banner for the Alxa Heroes Meeting, a congregation of numerous off-road fanatics. Various types of off-road vehicles could be seen, like for example Jeep, Land Rover, and TANK (China Brand 4×4). After this event, we proceeded along the Hexi Corridor towards Jiuquan city and Jiayuguan city before heading westwards to Xinjiang for an additional 1,000 km drive.

Driving through Xinjiang's Enchanting Landscapes

Under the direction of our guide, we began our adventure in Xinjiang at the Sea Road Scenic Spot in Hami. We drove along a flat stretch of road which was already delightful, until we reached a location with strange Yardang landforms – known for being otherworldly. Over the course of this journey with our Hero Camper, we were able to pass by various attractions such as the water source, Mars base, alien rock formations and the Great Wall Secret Realm – alongside an Instagram-worthy spot across the sea channel. Eventually, as night fell, we were presented with one of the most stunning sunsets I had ever seen in my life.

After camping in the Tianshan Mountains, we made our way to Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang for a respite. Subsequently, we journeyed with friends to the Altai Mountains and transversed them to arrive at Keketuohai. Although not a sea, Keketuohai is renowned as a mineral-rich town in China.

Journey Along the Irtysh: From Keketuohai to Kanas

Departing from Keketuohai, we made our way along the Irtysh River until we eventually arrived at Kanas, situated in China’s northwestern corner. Dubbed ‘the Switzerland of China’, it proved to be the ultimate destination of our trip, its wonders including snow-capped mountains, grasslands, forests, rivers, and lakes – a perfect combination that truly epitomizes the beauty of this place.

Ready for new Adventures with the Hero Camper

After we had to cut our journey short due to unexpected circumstances, we had no choice but to hastily return in the camper. A 4,000-kilometer trek back to Ningbo near Shanghai in East China was the sole consolation of my incomplete voyage. The Hero Camper enabled me and my companions an unforgettable experience nevertheless, and I can’t wait for my next opportunity, which will lead me hopefully back to Sailimu Lake – a place that surely looks forward to our visit.

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