We are now called HeroCamper

Published: October 8, 2021

In our process of becoming the company that we want to be, we changed our company name from Kronings Aps to HeroCamper in the Autumn of 2021.

Based on our very popular and well-known flagship, the Hero Camper, we will in future market our products under the name #HeroCamper.

Until this transition, Kronings has been an important part of our DNA, which now becomes one under the brand HeroCamper.

HeroCamper radiates a strong character and signals a modern and future visionary company focusing on Outdoor Living – quality of life, adventures, freedom, closeness in and with nature.

With HeroCamper we strive to set the perfect settings for outdoor adventures and experiences in a class of their own.

Our overall goal is to be the preferred supplier of high-quality outdoor products.

Today, the HeroCamper brand consists of a number of exquisite private labeling products.

From the popular Hero Camper and Hero Skybox to i.e., cooling boxes, air conditioners, heaters, and a number of outdoor gear products.

Last, but not least, our unique Robot Trolley which gradually has become a world known product.

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