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Hero Camper is Danish design and engineering a little out of the ordinary. It’s not a caravan – it’s something else. In the outdoor industry, you might call it a “teardrop camper” – but we don’t get too hung up on that. A Hero Camper is just a Hero Camper – an outdoor product for those who dream of getting off the beaten track and seek adventure where no one else goes; following the trail over the hills, settling in the deserted spot by the lake, seeking tranquillity in the mountains or in the deep forest. Or maybe camping out in the seaside car park – just head out where the mobile signal is unreliable and you can get a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Alone. Or with your family. The Hero Camper will not be a limitation to your adventure – no matter the season.

Model shown with options

Exterior: Rock solid and built for the worst possible conditions

Hero Camper was conceived and designed in the fishing town of Esbjerg on the west coast of Denmark. The town is known for its harsh climate and rugged nature – and for the fishermen who go out to sea in their blue-and-white fishing boats. The Hero Camper actually has a lot in common with the boats that sail in and out of the Port of Esbjerg. The Hero Camper’s fibreglass body is made in the same way as the hull of a fibreglass boat. That means the Hero Camper can take a serious beating from wind and weather at any time of the year. You don’t have to worry about damage due to humidity, stone chips and small branches falling on the camper during an autumn storm. The Hero Camper can withstand almost anything. It takes a lot to sink a West Jutland ocean cruiser.

  • The body of the Hero Camper is made of reinforced fibreglass panels (FRP panels). This makes it as resistant to wind, water and weather as a fibreglass sailboat.
  • The fibreglass panels are highly insulating. This means that the temperature is kept down in hot conditions, while the camper can be kept warm for several days with very little energy.
  • The Hero Camper has been tested in extreme conditions down to -21°C. In other words, you get a camper that can be used for more than just a trip to the lake in the summertime.
  • The chassis itself is made of hot-dip galvanised steel. This makes the camper's platform extremely hard-wearing.
  • The Hero Camper is fitted with support leg of high-strength steel on both sides.
  • It has an extra support leg at the front for more stability.
  • Storage box of matt black powder-coated aluminum of no less than 57.5 litres.
  • The Hero Camper's roof rack is made of matt black powder-coated aluminum, able to carry up to 500 kg.
  • The Hero Camper has a side-mounted ladder for easy access to roof rack.
  • Fenders are made of matt black powder-coated aluminum laminated in one piece (something that makes engineers go weak at the knees).
  • They have a maximum recommended carrying capacity of 80 kg, but we have tested them up to 300 kg to be on the safe side - so go ahead and step up on them. They won't break.
  • The Hero Camper has 17” cast aluminum rims with 265/65R17 off-road tires. It looks great, and now there's no excuse for a little off-road adventure.

Interior: Nordic minimalism

Less Is More. We do not need to complicate things. An adventure does not get better by bringing all the comforts of your everyday life with you on your trip. A Hero Camper is all about getting out and feeling nature. Being present. Get dirt on your knees and dust in your hair. You need to leave everyday life behind and fill your lungs with fresh air. That is why the Hero Camper is not crammed with a lot of plastic crap and unnecessary accessories that take up space and break. You have what you need. No more. No less. A bed, a kitchen, storage space and a place to charge your phone. Do you really need more for the adventure you are about to embark on?

  • The cabin of the Hero Camper has a minimalistic design that is based on the principle of “Less Is More”.
  • There is room for clothes and equipment in two spacious wall cabinets.
  • There is storage space behind the backrest.
  • There are doors on both sides of the camper, making it easy to get in and out. This also makes it easy to ensure a good indoor climate on hot days.
  • There are windows in both doors with integrated mosquito nets and mini pleated curtains with blackout. The windows can also be opened.
  • The Hero Camper has a skylight with integrated mosquito net and mini pleated curtain with blackout.
  • Storage nets are provided in both doors, so you have easy access to equipment for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • As a really nice feature, there are dimmable LED lights in the cabin
  • The double bed in the cabin has two high-quality memory-foam mattresses (75 x 209 cm).
  • Bluetooth soundbar... you decide the soundscape of your next outdoor adventure!
  • Naturally, there are easily accessible 230V power sockets, two 5V USB sockets and two 12V cigarette lighters.
  • Minimalist and stylish kitchen with a full-width brushed stainless steel tabletop with integrated sink and tap.
  • Water tank of 30 litres that will last you for several days off-grid.

Something quite unique

The Hero Camper is a modern version of the classic teardrop camper. The teardrop-shaped camper appeared in the United Stated in the 1930s and became wildly popular in the post-war years where people had more money to spend and became more adventurous. The design of the Hero Camper is based on the same principles that underpin classic Danish furniture production. This makes the Hero Camper completely timeless in its design – a Hero Camper is an outdoor product that can accompany you for many years without going out of style. Like a good pair of leather gloves or a field axe.

  • The Hero Camper is designed in Denmark according to classic Danish design principles.
  • The design is unique. And timeless.
  • Please also note the patented #HeroCamper LED rear lights, which follow the drop design.

Dimensions in mm

The Hero Camper is available in 4 packages

Inspired by some of the greatest explorers in our history, we have created different Hero Camper equipment packages and named them after these world-famous adventurers. Our Amundsen package includes all the great standard equipment of the Hero Camper. A Livingstone package includes awning with sides and front, while the Columbus package is the ultimate package for those who want all our popular extras on their adventure. See our package solutions here.


Ranger model

The Hero Camper Columbus package consists of all standard equipment plus the following:

  • Extra support leg for front mounting
  • 125W flexible solar panel kit with MPPT charge controller
  • Awning 3 m
  • Sides and front for awning 3 m
  • Spare wheel side mounting bracket (Ranger) 1 pc
  • Spare wheel (Ranger) 1 pc
  • Diamond plated fenders
  • Compressor cooling box
  • Off-road axle shock absorber protection
  • Privacy curtain for mounting at door
  • Hero Camper kitchen tent
  • Color options: Light grey, dark grey, green, blue and Hekla-Grey

Recommened retail price: from 20,735 € excl. VAT


Ranger model

The Hero Camper Livingstone package consists of all standard equipment plus the following:

  • Extra support leg for front mounting
  • 125W flexible solar panel kit with MPPT charge controller
  • Awning 2,6 m
  • Sides and front for awning 2,6 m
  • Spare wheel side mounting bracket (Ranger) 1 pc
  • Spare wheel (Ranger) 1 pc
  • Color options: Light grey

Recommened retail price: 19,020 € excl. VAT


Ranger model

The Hero Camper Amundsen package consists of all standard equipment plus the following:

  • Extra support leg for front mounting
  • Color options: Light grey

Recommened retail price: 16,090 € excl. VAT


Traveller model

The Hero Camper Albanel package differs from the other ranger models in equipment and appearance, but still comes with plenty of equipment:

  • Extra support leg for front mounting
  • Plastic fenders
  • Spare wheel bracket mounted below the camper 1 pc
  • Spare wheel (Traveller) 1 pc
  • Light bicycle carrier mounted on the A-frame
  • Compressor cooling box
  • Hero Camper kitchen tent
  • Color options: Light grey

Recommened retail price: 15,245 € excl. VAT

Notice: Products are shown with recommended retail prices excluding local taxes, charges, and cost of transportation from Denmark to destination

360 Hero Camper Tour

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