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Our Danish designed Hero Camper is perfect for you if you like to be on the move and experience new outdoor places – even without having civilization within reach. Weighing only from 825 kg, the teardrop camper is significantly easier to maneuver compared to other caravans, and it is easy to tow for almost all vehicles – even electric cars. The smaller size of the teardrop camper also allows you to drive on narrow and impassable roads so you can explore new unknown places. The robust and resistant chassis is made of high-quality hot-dip galvanized steel, and the reinforced fiberglass panels or FRP panels provide a comfortable base with an efficient thermal effect. Whether you love to spend a hot summer day swimming and lying by the beach, or you are more into skiing in winter weather, the Hero Camper always offers an isolated, warm, and cozy base to return to. In our product category Hero Accessories you will find a large selection of accessories and purchase options, such as foil which gives you the opportunity to style your Hero Camper to become a real eye-catcher. However, it can be difficult to know in advance which accessories one should have. We have therefore made the choice easier and assembled our Hero Camper in 4 different package solutions: Columbus, Livingstone, Amundsen and Albanel.

Hero Camper

The perfect and cozy base for your next adventure

Hero Skybox

Roof tent for car or camper, which gives you extra sleeping facilities


Our Hero Skybox is the perfect roof top tent for camping holidays and spontaneous weekend trips in the nature. The roof top tent has plenty of space and spacious sleeping facilities for either three children or two adults. The Hero Skybox can be mounted on your car’s roof rack or directly on the Hero Camper via a Skybox bracket. #HeroCamper’s rooftop tents have a water column pressure of 3,000 mm and are made of durable and lightweight materials, which set new standards for solid and comfortable roof-mounted sleeping facilities. With a Hero Skybox, you always have the ideal base camp for fishing, hunting, hiking, biking, or any other outdoor activity at close hand. The rooftop tent can also be used as extra sleeping facilities, for when you are on the move, visiting family and friends, or you just want to sleep comfortably when you are maybe away at festivals. We offer one rooftop tent: Hero Skybox Galileo.


Customize your Hero Camper with Hero Accessories – accessories to fulfil your outdoor needs. Are you the type who would like to take the bike on a trip when you travel? Then you have the opportunity of getting a bicycle carrier for your camper, which can be mounted on the front of the A-frame. Among other things, we have bicycle carriers, which can be partially tilted to access your gas box, and bicycle carriers which can carry electric bicycles. You also have the opportunity of upgrading the area around your Hero Camper to a cozy camp with sides and fronts, which can be quickly mounted on your awning and thereby create an awning with windows. An awning can be a really good investment when you like to have a place to stay for a longer period of time, as it ensures privacy and protects you from the sun and rain. You can also purchase our popular Hero Camper kitchen tent, which can be quickly mounted by the outdoor kitchen in the back of your camper. The kitchen tent is specially designed for the Hero Camper and creates a nice area with shelter and space for relaxation. If, on the other hand, you are often on the move with the camper, rarely stay somewhere for a long time and do not want to have the big equipment with you, one of our awnings is definitely the right solution for you. The product category Hero Accessories also contains a large selection of the most essential spare parts for your Hero Camper. Whether you are planning to have a spare wheel mounted on the side of your camper, want more storage space, or just need a new support leg, we have all the extra equipment you need whenever you go on an adventure in the Hero Camper.

Hero Accessories

Customize your Hero Camper with accessories for your needs

Hero Outdoor

Products that are perfect companions for a spontaneous trip


Hero Outdoor is our newest product category, which consists of outdoor products in #HeroCamper’s own name. The same for all our Hero Outdoor products is that we have focused a lot on the smaller details, and that the products are quality assured and designed based on #HeroCamper’s DNA. Our new Hero beanie is for instance sustainably designed by one of the last knitwear manufacturers in Denmark. In the product category you will also find our 2 new thermo containers: Thermo bottle and thermo lunch jar, which are perfect for keeping your food and drinks hot or cold for a long time. Your favorite meal or favorite drink is always part of your next outdoor adventure and ensures that you are guaranteed a good outdoor experience.


Our Robot Trolley is a smart and cheaper alternative to the traditional movers, which can help you move your horse trailer, boat, industrial wagon, and Hero Camper. Robot Trolley (formerly called Camper Trolley) is controlled easily and simply by a remote control and helps you to accurately move your caravan etc. completely even without the help of others. A Robot Trolley is therefore a must-have if you want to spare your back from heavy lifting, arriving at a campsite yourself, or the space around your caravan is just limited. The Robot Trolley can pull between 1,500 and 4,500 kg and is available in 4 different sizes: Robot Trolley 1500, Robot Trolley 2500, Robot Trolley 2500RS and Robot Trolley 4500. The mover works on different surfaces and can handle slopes up to 10%, so small height changes is not a problem when you need to move your trailer. With a battery life of 30 minutes, you are always independent of the help of others. The Robot Trolley is small and actually weighs only between 22 and 38 kg, which makes it easy to bring along. Moreover, there are no costs associated with the installation. In the product category Robot Trolley you can also find a large selection of accessories for Robot Trolley, including towers in different heights and several different types of brackets.

Robot Trolley

Helps maneuver your boat-, horse-, industrial trailer and camper

Cooling & Heat

Cooling boxes, heaters and airconditionings for cold and hot days


On hot summer days, it is nice to be able to quickly fill the room or camper with cold, comfortable, and fresh air. Our air conditioners are all light models with very efficient and quiet compressors that ensure a comfortable and healthy indoor climate. In addition, two of our air conditioning models K2400 and K3600 are equipped with a heat pump, which provides efficient heating very quickly. An outdoor adventure should include the ability to keep your drinks cool. Bring the food and drink you like no matter where you go. Our cooling boxes are perfect for a quick weekend getaway, whether it’s for a few hours or a few days. Choose from 4 different size coolers: 35L, 45L, 55L, and 75L. Moreover, our heating systems ensure that you can stay warm and comfortable even on the coldest winter days. Our Webasto Top 2000 STC Diesel Air Heater is a heater with fresh air intake for better and faster heating. The diesel heater uses fresh air from the outside or from a well-ventilated room, and heats it up quickly, which ensures good comfort and warmth in rooms with low temperatures. If you prefer a heat source other than a diesel-powered heating system, you can choose our electric heater Heat 1500+ Bluetooth, which is perfect for caravans, motorhomes, garages, crew cars or sailboats as an additional heat source.


In the product category Power, we have gathered all our power supply products. Here you will find a wide range of solar panels, including flexible and portable solar panels. We also have high quality inverters from TBB, which ensure that your electrical appliances have the power they need when you are on the move. That is, you can use your coffee machine, microwave, hair dryer or television when you are on an adventure even in the most remote places in the world. In addition, The Energy section also includes a range of batteries with low weight, high power, and safe energy storage solution for various types of vehicles, including caravans, motorhomes, commercial vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and cleaning equipment. In addition, we also have top-class battery chargers from TBB for caravans, boats, cars, motorhomes and for maintenance of batteries, which are extremely efficient.


Solar panels, converters, batteries and chargers for power supply

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