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Cold food and beverages close at hand when outdoors

At #HeroCamper, we think an outdoor adventure should include the ability to keep your food and drinks cool. We therefore offer four efficient cooling boxes with a top-quality compressor, which can keep your food and drinks cold regardless of the weather. The cooling boxes just need to be connected to power and therefore do not use ice or freezing elements, so you avoid the hassle of cleaning after use. A cooling box is perfect for the longer weekend trip, whether it is at the beach, in the car, in the forest, on the boat, on the campsite or at home on the terrace.

Is it possible to use a cooling box with compressor off-grid?

If you intend to go on a long trip away from all civilization or completely off-grid, then a cooling box with a compressor is not the solution for you. A compressor cooling box needs to be connected to power all the time in order for it to work. It is possible to install a lithium battery 15600mAh/11.1V in our 75 liter compressor cooling box, so the cooling box can be powered by a battery for a shorter period of time. If you do not have access to a 230V power socket at a campsite or a 12V cigarette socket in a car, then instead of a cooling box with compressor, you should consider #HeroCamper’s passive ice cooler. The passive ice cooler can withhold 45 liters and cannot be connected to electricity. Instead, the ice cooler has an extra thick insulation, which keeps your food and drinks cold over a longer period of time by retaining the cold. Instead, you should insert a few frozen cooling elements, ice cubes or crushed ice for your drinks in the ice cooler and then you are ready for adventures with cold beverages.

Which temperatures to use in the cooling box?

The temperature can be controlled and set on the digital display to be as low as -20 °C and as high as +20 °C. You can therefore use the cool box as a refrigerator or as a freezer. Below you can see the recommended temperature settings for the most common food and drinks:

  • Beverages: +5 °C
  • Fruit: +5 to +8 °C
  • Vegetables: +3 to +10 °C
  • Delicacy and prepared foods: +4 °C
  • Wine: +10 °C
  • Ice: -10 °C
  • Frozen meat: -18 °C

Air conditioners for caravans

At #HeroCamper we also have air conditioners for caravans. Our air conditioners for caravans are essential to create a perfect and comfortable climate on your next adventure. The air conditioner ensures that you have a chilly climate in your caravan even on the hottest summer days. Our air conditioners are also available with heating function, so you can keep warm on the colder days. All our air conditioners are for roof mounting and the systems run efficient and quiet. The units can easily and simply be controlled via a wireless remote control or via our app. The temperature is displayed on the integrated LED light in the inner panel. No climate is too harsh or too hot for our caravan air conditioners, and it is easy to top up refrigerant and get a cool experience even if you are in Australia. We stock 3 models of air conditioners for caravans. So, depending on which voltage, power, dimension, equipment or functions you need, you can find an air conditioner at #HeroCamper that lives up to this. All our air conditioners have an operating temperature from -5°C to 50°C.

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