Hero Accessories

Customize your Hero Camper with extra options such as awnings, bike carrier, Hero Kitchen Tent, ect.

Notice: Products are shown with recommended retail prices excluding local taxes, charges, and cost of transportation from Denmark to destination

Hero Accessories

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  • Bracket for Skybox

    Bracket for Skybox

    View product 212.00  excl. tax
  • Light Bicycle Carrier

    Light Bicycle Carrier

    View product 162.00  excl. tax
  • Superb Bicycle Carrier

    Superb Bicycle Carrier

    View product 267.00  excl. tax
  • Superb 3rd Rail Kit

    Superb 3rd Rail Kit

    View product 59.00  excl. tax
  • Thule Awning 2.6m

    Awning 2.6m

    View product 956.00  excl. tax
  • Thule Awning 3m

    Awning 3m

    View product 1,023.00  excl. tax
  • Mount Kit for Awnings

    Mount Kit for Awnings

    View product 54.00  excl. tax
  • Sides and front for Thule Awning 2.6m
  • Sides and front for Thule Awning 3m
  • Ranger Spare Wheel Incl. Bracket
  • Traveller Spare Wheel incl. Bracket
  • Single Ranger Spare Wheel