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Why choose a cooling box with compressor?

A cooling box with a compressor is in many ways similar to an ordinary refrigerator, which you can easily take with you on outdoor adventures. #HeroCamper’s cooling boxes just need to be connected to power via a 12V cigarette socket in the car or via a regular 230V socket in order to work. This makes the compressor cooling box one of the fastest and most efficient cooling boxes available on the market. #HeroCamper’s cooling boxes are quiet and have a noise level of only 44-45 dB. In addition, the cooling boxes use minimal power compared to other cooling boxes and have a consumption of only 82-106 kW per year. The low power consumption of a #HeroCamper cooling box with a compressor is because it cools hard at the beginning to achieve the desired temperature quickly. The cooling box will then switch to “standby mode” and will easily be able to keep the cold temperature without having the compressor running all the time due to the cooling box’s high-density foam insulation. With a compressor-driven cooling box, you can always keep your food and drinks cold and fresh. In this way, you can always enjoy cold beverages and avoid food waste.

Which size cooling box with compressor should I choose?

Before you invest in a cooling box with compressor, it is a good idea to do some considerations. You should first consider the size. The more people you are to share a cooling box, the larger it should be. At the same time, you must also consider how long time you will be away and whether you need a large cooling box to keep food and drinks cool in for several days. Here at #HeroCamper, we offer four different sizes of compressor cooling boxes for your next excursion: 35L, 45L, 55L and 75L. All the cooling boxes have two separate cooling compartments and come in a square, robust, minimalist, and black design. You can read more about our four different models below. We surely have a cooling box with compressor that fits your needs in the right size.

Cooling box 35L

Our smallest compressor cooling box can hold 35 liters (equalling 56 cans of soda) and weighs just a bit over 12 kg. It will therefore be the obvious choice to use this cooling box for the car if the box must not steal too much space in the boot of the car when you are going on a trip. The cooling box has a solid handle on each side, which makes it is easy to move around and take with you. The compact design means that you can easily stack things on top of it. In addition, you can easily connect the cooling box to the car’s 12V cigarette socket. This cooling box is therefore the obvious choice for the car trip, driving holiday or spontaneous picnic trips.

Cooling box 45L

#HeroCamper’s second smallest cooling box with compressor of 45 liters is a true classic. This cooling box will be the obvious choice for most, whether you want to enjoy a few cold drinks or a meal when being outdoors. Although the cooling box can hold 45 liters and thus has space for 69 ice-cold canned sodas, it weighs only 12.8 kg and is 8 cm higher than our 35 liter cooler for the car. This 45 liter cooling box will therefore also be an obvious choice for the car if it needs to be in the boot of the car when you are going on a road trip. A compressor cooling box of 45 liters will also have a good size when camping on a campsite.

Cooling box 55L

Our second largest cooling box with compressor can hold 55 liters. This cooling box measures 53 cm in height and weighs 13.8 kg. The 55 liter compressor cooling box is perfect for you who want to bring food and drinks for several people on a trip. Wherever you go, your favorite drinks and meals also go. Due to its size, this cooling box with compressor is ideal for a slightly longer trip that stretch over several days, e.g. as a fridge on a boat or for garden parties, where cold drinks are a must-have – the cooling box can contain 75 cans of soda.

Cooling box 75L

#HeroCamper’s ultimate and largest cooling box with compressor can hold a whopping 75 litres, which means you can bring 121 cold cans of soda for the whole family on your next outdoor adventure. This cooling box also has two cold rooms, but unlike the other compressor-driven cooling boxes, this 75 liter cooling box can regulate the temperature in the two rooms individually. This means that you can set one room to -10 degrees for e.g. ice and at the same time use the other room to cool drinks in, where a temperature of +5 degrees will be ideal. Weighing 24.5kg, this cooler has two wheels and an adjustable drawbar to ease your back, so you can take the cooling box with you everywhere. The cooling box is therefore good for you and the whole family if you need to be able to carry your food and drinks over a slightly longer distance. This cooling box is also for you who are in the same place for several days – e.g. onboard a boat, in a crew car or at a sporting event.

Which temperatures to use in the cooling box?

The temperature can be controlled and set on the digital display to be as low as -20 °C and as high as +20 °C. You can therefore use the cool box as a refrigerator or as a freezer. Below you can see the recommended temperature settings for the most common food and drinks:

  • Beverages: +5 °C
  • Fruit: +5 to +8 °C
  • Vegetables: +3 to +10 °C
  • Delicacy and prepared foods: +4 °C
  • Wine: +10 °C
  • Ice: -10 °C
  • Frozen meat: -18 °C

How to control a refrigerator with a compressor?

All the cooling boxes have a built-in digital display panel at one end. On the display panel, you can switch the device on and off, see the current temperature inside the cooling box, quickly turn up or down to set a desired temperature and access settings.

Control the cooling box with our app

Finally, you can also use our app “HeroCamper Cooling Box” to control the cooling box via Bluetooth. With the cooling box app, you can easily turn the unit on/off, change the temperature up/down, locking the display panel on the cooling box, etc. close at hand.

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