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The Unforgettable Off-grid Summer Holiday of Louise and her Family in Norway and Sweden

December 2022

Onboard their brand-new Hero Camper, Louise and her family managed to improvise a trip through the wilderness of the Norwegian mountains – filled with hiking and great nature experiences…

FB community - Immeln, Sweden - photo: Louise Sevelsted

The Most Beautiful Scandinavian Sunsets: Owner Photos

November 2022

With a Hero Camper it is possible to find your own secluded spot and enjoy some of the most beautiful sunsets this planet has to offer. Please see some of our Hero Owners’ photos…

Lene Travels All Over Europe in the Hero Camper

November 2022

Lene drove to North Cape along the Atlantic Route as well as around the Baltic Sea in her Hero Camper: “This is outdoor living at its best”, she says about her best purchase ever…

Hero Camper the Kiwi Way

August 2022

Meet Matthieu and his family from New Zealand and read more about, how the decided that the Hero Camper would be a perfect fit for the way they would like to discover New Zealand…

Happiness is Finding the Little Everyday Adventures Somewhere Else

March 2022

Hear all about, how we are getting along in a Hero Camper – two adults, one four-year-old and twin babies and the reason why we chose the Hero Camper…

Meet Our Danish Brand Ambassador: Casper Crump

January 2022

At Hero Camper, we are extremely proud to introduce our enthusiastic and creative ambassador, Danish actor and adventurer, Casper Crump. He is very passionate about getting out into nature – it is all about having unique Hero Camper experiences…

Now We are Called #HeroCamper

October 2021

In our process of becoming the company that we want to be, we changed our company name from Kronings Aps to #HeroCamper in the Autumn of 2021. #HeroCamper radiates a strong character and signals a modern company focusing on Outdoor Living…

6 Reasons to Buy a Hero Camper

August 2021

Unsure whether to buy a Hero Camper, whether it will fit your needs and requirements, the maneuverability of it, and not least, the comfort of it? We have made decision-making easier for you by listing the 6 most important key features of the Hero Camper…

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