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The color from Iceland – The land of myths

Iceland. The land of the great sagas. The place of origin of Norse mythology. The barren, vast nature, the deep fjords, and the constant rumble of the underground. A mythical land where the drums of generations past echoes in eternity.

A two-hour drive east of the capital Reykjavik, the volcano Hekla – one of the most active volcanoes in Iceland – towers above the landscape. The locals call it ‘The Gateway to Hell’. With good reason.

The volcano, whose cone-shaped silhouette rises almost 1,500 meters above sea level, has since the age of the vikings opened its gate to our planet’s interior and spewed scolding hot lava and ash over the surrounding area with such frequency and ferocity, that more than 10 percent of the land mass of Iceland can be attributed to Hekla alone.

In Icelandic, Hekla means “coat” – or “outerwear”. The inspiration for the name probably comes from the fact that the volcano by early autumn is clothed in a thick, grey-white coat of ice and snow. And the mountain doesn’t drop the coat until sometime during the spring.

Hekla-Grey Hero Camper

With the launching of a brand new colour design, which is being produced in a limited amount, HeroCamper has drawn inspiration from the myth of the volcano Hekla. One would be mistaken to think we’re inspired by a popular colour trend in the automotive industry.

We call the color Hekla-Grey, as we have tried to match the special shade of grey that Hekla wears in autumn, when the peak is wrapped in snow and ice and at the same time enveloped in a dense cloud cover. It is at this time of year that the view of the massive volcano is most spectacular.

Limited Edition

Hero Camper in Hekla-Grey is only available as a limited edition with no more than 33 total models produced. if you want to be the owner of a unique Hero Camper with a touch of the epic Icelandic nature, don’t hesitate too long. Each of the 33 Hekla-Grey Hero Campers will be marked with a unique serial number, indicating the number of the individual model within the series.

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