Hero Camper The Kiwi Way

Published: August 31, 2022

We are a family of 4 plus a little doggy, that loves going outdoor. Our Aotearoa in New Zealand is so beautiful, diverse, wild, that we wanted to see the most of it.

After some research around teardrop caravans, my wife found a company that brought the first 2 Hero Campers to New Zealand.

Based on photos from the Official website and the ones they sent from the shop in Auckland, we decided that it would be a perfect fit for the way we would like to discover New Zealand.

After a few additions to the Camper, we finally drove to pick it up in Auckland, 650 km from our place in Wellington. When we arrived at the shop, we saw the next addition for our future big adventures. It was even better than what we expected.

Compact, but big enough for us 4, enough space inside to fit 2 adults and our daughter on the extra bed.

The kitchen is so wide that you really feel at home.

No need to slide, move things to access the bed area for the night setup, etc… Nope, everything is where it should be and ready to use. Slick design overall and that will go so well with our Jeep. Ready for our first trip with it, driving back to Wellington.

We went for a relaxing trip back, in order to enjoy a few days with the camper. It was winter here and the night was pretty cold, near 0 degrees. We had a blast, warm and cozy inside, cooking outside is great as you have so much space around you.

As the first customers in New Zealand, I can’t tell you how many people stopped us to take pictures of the setup and were intrigued how we can fit all of us in it.

Showing them the roof tent, solar panel, kitchen, and the inside, made them really impressed by all the features in the compact yet “practical” design.

One of the great things for us is that we can leave the camper anywhere and do some off-road, go for a walk, etc….

I was so surprised at how good it is to drive while towing it, often forgetting we have it on the back.

We are so happy about it, that we are travelling almost every weekend to discover new spots. One or 2 nights feels like a week of holidays.

Like my wife and daughter say, “It is FREEDOM”

Catch you all really soon!

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