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Hero Camper

HeroCamper is a Danish design and engineering out of the ordinary. It is not a caravan – it is something else. In the outdoor industry, you might call it a “teardrop camper” – but we do not get too hung up on that. A HeroCamper is just a HeroCamper – an outdoor product for those who dream of getting off the beaten track and seek adventure where no one else goes; following the trail over the hills, settling in the deserted spot by the lake, seeking tranquillity in the mountains or in the deep forest. The HeroCamper will not be a limitation to your adventure – no matter the season.


Rock Solid and built to Last

The HeroCamper is designed and built to last for decades. The choice of premium quality materials and selected components, combined with Danish design and engineerical solutions makes the HeroCamper unique and differentiated compared to other teardrops in the market.

  • 17” rims with off-road truck tires, torsion suspension and hot-dip galvanized chassis, ensures easy and comfortable manoeuvring in tough terrain.
  • The Support leg of high-strength steel on both sides and one extra support leg at the front ensures more stability while you have settled in for the night
  • 57,5 liters dry storage box of matt black powder-coated aluminum ensure optimal storage on your adventures.
  • Roof rack is made of matt black powder-coated aluminum that can carry up to 500 kg. Perfect for a range of “must-bring” equipment like rooftop tents, kayaks or extra storage.
  • Thule awning that allows you to stay comfortable during long summer day and nights while camping.
  • The side-mounted coated aluminum ladder ensures an easy access to the roof rack that can carry up to 250 kg.
  • Fenders of matt black powder-coated aluminum laminated in one piece, offers you easy access to the roof rack or great for storage while camping.
  • Optional: Rugged and lockable fenderboxes for extra storage mounted on fenders.

Model shown with options


Nordic Minimalism

Model shown with options

The cabin of the HeroCamper differs from other teardrops due to its extremely spacious and Nordic minimalistic design that is based on the principle of “Less Is More”. At any time of the day will you stay cozy and comfortable inside the HeroCamper.

  • Double bed with two high-quality memory-foam mattresses (209  x 75 cm).
  • Coated aluminum storage cabinet with two spacious wall which offer you perfect space for clothes and equipment.
  • Additional storage space behind the backrest.
  • Doors on both sides of the camper, making it easy to get in and out and easy to ensure a good indoor climate on hot or cold days.
  • Storage nets in both doors to have easy access to equipment for indoor and outdoor use.
  • The windows in both doors are with integrated mosquito nets and mini pleated curtains with blackout.
  • Skylight window with integrated mosquito net and mini pleated curtain with blackout.
  • Dimmable LED lights in the cabin, makes every moment in inside the Hero Camper cozy.
  • Bluetooth soundbar.
  • Optional: Smart bunk that can be used for small child (max. load 60 kg) or for storage.

Outdoor Kitchen

Functional Kitchen Facilities

Behind the hatch of the camper, you will find a spacious integrated outdoor kitchen, a kitchen even michelin chefs will envious. The kitchen tabletop is made of seawater resistant stainless steel and has a specially designed integrated sink. The minimalistic kitchen module offers you a wide range of functions and possibilities while cooking.

  • Modern minimalist stylish integrated kitchen.
  • Freshwater tank of 30 liters.
  • Full-width brushed steel tabletop with integrated sink and faucet which makes you kitchen easy to keep clean.
  • 5 spacious aluminum drawers with stainless steel soft-close rails.
  • Stainless steel rails for further storage of tableware.
  • LED lights in kitchen.
  • 12V/230V power outlets.
  • 12V/230V 22L fridge with compressor technology.
  • Optional: Integrated propane ceramic gas hob with two burners.

Model shown with options


Electronics and Led Lights

Model shown with options

The HeroCamper comes standard with a range of carefully selected power solutions, which ensures a high level of user-friendly. LED outdoor lights, dimmable LED lighting in the cabin, and a complete inverter package combined with solar technology. In addition, the HeroCamper has fully patented HeroCamper LED taillights which are a real eye-catcher and out of the ordinary.

  • Patented HeroCamper LED taillights.
  • Outside LED light above entrance door.
  • 5 x easily accessible sockets of 230V.
  • 2 x USB sockets of 5V.
  • 2 x sockets of 12V.
  • Soft-touch control panel with battery- and water level indicator.
  • 2 wireless remote controls for the control panel.
  • Build-in solar with 125W and Converter: IDDX 1230 DC / DC converter with built-in MPPT / charge from car.
  • Battery: M-Lite quality Lithium battery 12V 30Ah
  • Battery charger 12V 10Ah.
  • Optional: Battery 12V 200Ah and battery charger 12V 40Ah.

FRP Panels

Efficient Thermal Effect

The sides of the HeroCamper are made of fiber reinforced polymer panels (FRP panels), which consist of 12 layers. The layers are made of styrofoam and PVC to provide good strength and insulation in the camper. Glue and resin combined with fiberglass have also been added. Finally, there is a layer of gelcoat in one of our colors and a layer of wax to get the superb look.

  • Makes the HeroCamper resistant to weather conditions, degradation and ageing.
  • Highly insulating, which will keep the cold out in the winter and the heat out in the summer.
  • Requires very little energy to keep the HeroCamper warm for several days in cold conditions.
  • Impermeable to moisture, fungus and bacterial growth.
  • FRP weighs up to 70% less than steel.
  • Impact will not cause permanently deformation.
HC ikon 1

Anti Mold / Mildew

HC ikon 2


HC ikon 3

Light weight

HC ikon 4

Corrosion resistance

HC ikon 5


HC ikon 6

Impact resistant

HC ikon 7

Noise insulation

HC ikon 8

Thermal insulation

HC ikon 9

Superior longevity

Hero Camper - standard equipment for Ranger

  • Stainless steel kitchen countertop
    with integrated sink and faucet
  • Compressor cooling box, 22 L, 12V/230V
  • LED lights in the kitchen
  • Freshwater tank, 30L
  • Soft-touch control panel with
    battery and water indicator
  • Converter: IDDX 12V 30Ah DC/DC with built-in MPPT
  • Charges from car
  • Patented HeroCamper LED taillights
  • 125W mounted/integrated flexible solar panel
  • Sockets: 5 x 230V, 2 x 5V USB, 2 x 12V
  • Dimmable LED lights
  • Bluetooth soundbar
  • Extra stand for front chassis
  • Front mounted gas-/dry storage box 57.5 L
  • Off road axle with shock absorber protection
  • Mounted 17” Ranger spare wheel
  • 17” Ranger alloy rims with off road tires
  • Aluminum diamond off road fender


Inspired by some of the greatest explorers in our history, we have created different Hero Camper equipment packages. A Livingstone includes all the great standard equipment of the HeroCamper. A Columbus includes awning with sides and front, while the Armstrong is the ultimate package for those who want all our popular extras on their adventure. The Traveler model is for you who want a retro and more traditional camper.

Ranger: Livingstone

  • Lithium battery 12V 30AH
  • Thule 260 cm awning

RRP from: 19,175 EUR

See Livingstone package

Ranger: Columbus

  • Lithium battery 12V 30AH
  • Thule 300 cm awning
  • Thule side and front screen
  • Hero privacy curtain
  • Hero kitchen tent

RRP from Light Grey: 20,375 EUR

Pris Dark Grey, Hunter Green, Ocean Blue: 21,415 EUR

See Columbus package

Ranger: Armstrong

  • Power package containing 12V
    100Ah battery & 12V40A charger
  • Thule 300 cm awning
  • Thule side and front screen
  • Hero privacy curtain
  • Hero kitchen tent
  • Diesel air heater incl. control display
  • Fender box set
  • Smart bunk

RRP from Light Grey: 24,290 EUR

RRP from Dark Grey, Hunter Green, Ocean Blue: 25,330 EUR 

See Armstrong package

Traveller: Albanel

  • Does NOT include all of the above HeroCamper standard equipment for Ranger
  • Power package containing 12V 30Ah battery & 12V10A charger
  • Compressor cooling box 12L 12V/230V
  • Hero kitchen tent
  • Plastic fenders
  • 15” wheels with 195/60 R15 tires
  • One spare wheel incl. bracket mounted below the Hero Traveller
  • Light bicycle carrier mounted on the A-frame

RRP from: 18,375 EUR

See Albanel package

Available in 4 Colors

All HeroCamper models (both Ranger and Traveller) are available in the color Light Grey, but other color options (Dark Grey, Hunter Green and Ocean Blue) are also available for the Columbus and Armstrong. 

Light Grey

Dark Grey

Hunter Green

Ocean Blue

Weight and Measurements


Hero Camper Ranger

Hero Camper Traveller


232 cm

203 cm


478 cm

482 cm


230 cm

220 cm

Net weight from

827 kg

780 kg

Total weight

900 - 1200 kg

830 - 1200 kg

Upgrade weight up to 1,300 kg




Hero Camper Ranger

Hero Camper Traveller


208 cm

Not avilable


135 cm

Not available

Allowed load on roof rack when camping (static)

500 kg

Not available

Allowed load on roof rack when driving (dynamic)

100 kg

Not available

External Dimensions Ranger

Dimensions in mm (millimetre)

Internal Dimensions Ranger

Dimensions in mm (millimetre)

Extra Options for HeroCamper

Customize your Hero Camper with Accessories – extra options and additional purchases to suit your outdoor needs.

Need extra sleeping accommodations?

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