#HeroCamper Fire Starter

#HeroCamper Fire Starter

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This #Hero fire starter is a smart and handy tool in all kinds of weather. An easy way to fire up the bonfire or burner to enjoy a great meal and/or keep warm on every getaway. Just iron the small steel plate vigorously along the magnesium until a hot spark appears. The design of the fire starter is minimalistic, the products is quality assured and designed according to #HeroCamper standards. As an extra bonus, it’s more eco-friendly than matches.

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  • Easy tool for making fire
  • 10,000+ strokes
  • Waterproof
  • Not a toy – keep away from children
  • Material: Ferrocerium/magnesium
  • Color: Black/orange


  • Height: 10.3 cm
  • Width: 2.2 cm
  • Weight: 41 g


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