M-Lite Series: Lithium Battery 12V 30Ah

M-Lite Series: Lithium Battery 12V 30Ah

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The M Lite series lithium battery is a 12V 30Ah lithium battery that can be used as a replacement for a lead-acid battery of the same size. The battery is a light weight, high power and safe energy storage solution for various types of vehicles, including caravans, motorhomes, commercial vehicles, autonomous vehicles and cleaning equipment.

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  • M-Lite Series 12V
  • Supports high discharge current (max 1C)
  • Built-in BMS with automatic balancing and protection
  • Can handle over 2000 charges and discharges


  • Voltage: 12.8V
  • Capacity: 30Ah (0.2C, @25°C)
  • Energy: 384WH
  • Output voltage: 10V – 14.4V
  • Charging voltage, absorption: 14.4V
  • Recommended voltage for discharge: 10.0V
  • Protection voltage for discharge: 9.6V
  • Protection voltage for charging: 14.8V
  • Max. charging current: 30A
  • Recommended charging current: <=15A
  • Max. continuous discharge current: 30A
  • Overcurrent protection when charging: 30A~40A, delay 15s
  • Overcurrent protection when discharging: 35A~45A, delay 15s
  • Short circuit protection: >200A
  • Compensation current: 150mA


  • Height: 17.1 cm
  • Length: 19.5 cm
  • Width: 13 cm
  • Weight: 3.8 kg

Further infomation

  • Working temperature when charging: 0°C~+45°C
  • Working temperature when discharging: -20°C~+65°C
  • Protection temperature when charging: <-5°C~+65°C
  • Protection temperature when discharging: <-20°C~+65°C
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