Ranger Spare Wheel incl. Bracket

Ranger Spare Wheel incl. Bracket

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The set consists of a Hero Ranger off-road spare wheel and a spare wheel bracket. Both parts are in black aluminum. The spare wheel bracket is mounted on the side of your camper opposite, where the ladder sits and ensures that you always have a spare wheel at hand if you puncture and at the same time add a raw look to your Hero Camper.


  • Bracket: Color: Black / Material: Aluminum
  • Rims: Color: Black / Material: Aluminum
  • Wheels – torque: 100 Nm
  • Tire pressure: 34 PSI ~ 2.3 bar
  • Load index: Min. 1120 kg
  • Speed index: Min. N (140 KmH)
  • Bolts and bracket included
  • We only mount in Hero Campers
  • All products that are not mounted by an authorized #HeroCamper dealer are at your own risk


  • Tire size: 265/65 R17
  • Weight wheel: 28 kg
  • Weight bracket + wheel: 30 kg

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