Superb Bicycle Carrier

Superb Bicycle Carrier

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This Thule Superb bicycle carrier is suitable for mounting on the front of the A-frame. The bicycle carrier is extremely functional, as the rack can be tilted completely with bicycles to access the gas box on a traditional caravan. Superb bicycle carrier can carry up to 60 kg and is therefore ideal for electric bicycles. The bike carrier has room for two bikes but can be extended to three bikes with Superb third rail set, which is sold separately.

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  • Thule Superb Bicycle Carrier is suitable for mounting on front of the A-frame on a traditional caravan
  • To access the gas box, the carrier can be fully tilted with bikes mounted on a traditional caravan
  • Ideal for electric bicycles due to load capacity up to 60 kg
  • Space for two bicycles but can be expanded for three bicycles with Superb 3rd Rail Kit (HC200201)
  • Mounting not included
  • All products that are not mounted by an authorized #HeroCamper dealer are at your own risk


  • Height: 85 cm
  • Length: 130 cm
  • Width: 57 cm
  • Distance between bicycles: 28 cm
  • Max weight capacity: 60 kg
  • Weight: 9.7 kg


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