Trigas Gas Alarm with Extra Sensor

Trigas Gas Alarm with Extra Sensor

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Trigas gas alarm responds to emissions of propane-/butane gas (LPG) and other gases with narcotic effects. The alarm warns of escaped gases before they have a sedative effect on passengers and animals in a caravan or motorhome. The unit is mounted on a vertical wall in the caravan approx. 20-30 cm above the floor and calibrates every 40 sec. The Trigas alarm is not intended for continuous use. Turn on the unit before going to bed and switch it off once you get up. Extra sensor included to provide greater safety.


  • Thermostatic
  • Can be connected to the 12V system in the caravan
  • Current consumption: 95 mA – 160 mA
  • Calibering: 40 sec.
  • Reacts on: Propan/Bhutan (GPL) carbon monoxide and anestetic gases
  • Voltage: 12V
  • We only mount in Hero Campers
  • All products that are not mounted by an authorized #HeroCamper dealer are at your own risk


  • Weight: 0.30 kg
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